Hey Puplovers! Anyone else feeling a little over worked? Just need an extended weekend to really get the pep back in your pupstep? Don't get me wrong- I LOVE working with Taylor King and all the other lawyers at Taylor King and Associates but we really have been working so hard lately. I've been putting in so much extra time at the office and getting to know all the new staff that I missed the last three episodes of The Dog Whisperer!! But no fear all you hard working people- Labor Day is just around the corner! 

Labor Day is celebrated every year on the first Monday in September. Created by the labor movement, it is in honor of the hard work and variety of achievements of American workers. Lots of people decide to take the day to travel or spend time outside together! Check out all of these great Family Weekend Activities in Arkansas!


I've begun compiling a list of how I want to spend my labor day:

4:07 am- Wake Momma up to take me out to use the bathroom

6:43 am- Bring my orange ring onto Momma's bed and chew until her alarm goes off

7:30 am- Alarm will sound

7:31am- Snuggle with Momma aka make her rub my belly

8:20 am- Momma lets me lick the bottom of her greek yogurt container

8:35 am- Morning walk to open field/playground area *side note- on the walk, it would be ideal to find a stray tennis ball from the tennis courts we pass

8:45-9:30am- Play at park, run (off leash), sniff various things/people/plants/rocks, find multiple amazing sticks (that Momma WILL let me take home....one can hope)

9:45 am- Eat a Pupsicle

That is all I have so far but trust me, I am just getting started. No matter what YOU decide to do over your Labor Day Holiday, please remember to drive safely! There will be more traffic on the roads and you need to be completely alert and focused while driving! The Taylor King and Associates family want ya to have a safe and fun holiday!

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