Ok people, time to get personal. I thought I'd let y'all in on the secrets of my everyday life! It's not just a hop and skip in the park everyday; I do real work to help keep the Taylor King Law Firm afloat....although I don't mind a good hop in the park every now and then. I am indispensable, lemme tell you, and I'm providing a sneak peak into my schedule just to prove it! This info is straight from my puppy planner (Mom fills it out for me every week because I'm not too handy with a pen).

6:43 am: Wake Mom to show her how cool my orange bacon-scented ball is; she is always forgetting.

6:57 am: Wake Mom (again) because I forgot I actually have to use the grass outside.

7:15 am: Stretch out across my bed (that I let Mom share) practicing my morning yoga regimen. I do one mean Downward Dog.

7:30 am: Enjoy breakfast in bed as I watch Mom get ready for the day.
*This is around the time mom leaves for either work or class

8:00 am: Inspect house to make sure no surface goes unsniffed.

8:45 am: Mid-morning nap in the window sunlight (gives my coat that golden glow).

10:30 am: Watch passing cars through the window blind panels. Take data on driving skills, accidents, exceeded speed limit, unbuckled seat belts.
*Must be stealthy when on watch so driving habits are not skewed

IMG 4549

*Tips for stealth watching: Only peek nose in between blinds and window (see above picture for demonstration)

12:00 pm: Send data and analysis to Taylor King Law. 

1:00 pm: Practice winks and smiles in mirror to perfect for photoshoots. 

3:00 pm: Go to dog park with Momma. Practice safe road crossings and play nicely with friends.
*Will accept belly/back/head rubs from willing pedestrians, free of charge
*Practice catching of airborne tennis ball, improve and refine "fetch of stick," and maintain other tricks for future Taylor King Law commercial use

5:30 pm: Enjoy second cup of kibble for the day

7:00 pm: Watch DVR-recorded TV show with Momma. Check fan mail, Facebook page updates, direct messages, Instagram likes, and edit blogs until falling asleep on Momma.

 Other notes:

*Allowed to fall asleep at any time through out day without warning/planned event

*Allowed to whine/alert to be taken out at any given time without warning/planned event

*Treats and extra time for chew toys permitted without planned event


See? Told you. Indispensable.

                                                                                                                                                                paw print transparentBradi Bear King