Hello World Wide Web! It has been a while since my big TV debut with good ol' Taylor King...aka Pops...so I thought yall could use a catch up on what I've been getting my nose into.

Let's just start from when we first met- my claim to fame on the Taylor King and Associates commercial! What...A...Day... Good thing the camera crew had some "pick me up" kibble on the sidelines, because filming with Pops and cousin Buddy really took it out of me! By the end of the day, even I needed some attention from the "fur and makeup" team!! It was pretty neat though; I learned all about our family's business! Pops is a personal injury lawyer, which means every day, he helps people all over Arkansas, Texarkana, and even West Memphis with anything from car wrecks to big truck accidents.

"We are on your side - by your side...woof woof!" 

I pick up things pretty quickly, huh? I also have Sit, Stand, and "EYYYYY Sic EM Bears" on lock. With a name like Bradi Bear you have to be able to cheer for your mom's alma mater and favorite sports team!

Anyways, apparently all my hard work in Arkansas paid off- because things started to get big (not just my size, even though I'm now a trim 55 pounds). Pops told me I was getting a fan base: phone calls, letters, and even some Facebook posts and comments. Mom said I was gonna get a big pup head. But I promise I'm really just your everyday, curly-haired Golden! My biggest "diva-move" may be that when it is raining outside...I make the executive decision that I actually don't "have to go" THAT bad after all...

I'll sleep in my kennel, but I'd rather snuggle with my mom on her bed. I love my orange ring and can't deny a good rawhide. I may whine/sigh when I yawn, but I don't bark at people because it is rude. I love living in Texas with Momma, but visits to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, to see the family and run wild can't be beat. Lawnmovers, mopeds, vacuums, and garbage bins are quite possibly the scariest things known to man...or pup. While mom is in class, I love a good walk around Baylor University's campus and new stadium. I think fetch is overrated. I am completely housebroken...except for the occasional "excited pee"...but really, you should just feel honored about those. I wanna grow up to be just like cousin Buddy - he keeps ol' Taylor King in line. I get really into holidays. I was the "Where's Waldo pup" for Halloween and matched my family in my Christmas pajamas. I graduated Puppy 1 School first in my class. It is a minor detail that I was the only one enrolled. Mom buys me a new toy almost every time she goes to the store, but I still think sticks are the coolest things ever. I go CRAZY for Puppichinos from Starbucks. I used to take my stuffed animal, Mr. Bear, with me everywhere I went. But now I'm a big girl and can do things on my own. That and I ripped out his squeaker by accident. (I'll have to ask Pops if he can take on one more personal injury case). I love visiting all the offices in Arkansas. Springdale and Little Rock are next on my list. Taking Pops on a walk is so much fun. I keep him at a good pace and then he feeds me marshmallows. I whole-heartedly believe I will always fit in mom's lap.

But how could anyone know any of that unless I let ya into my world a little bit? So here it is people- Welcome to Bradi Bear's Big World! I'll be posting pictures and blogs about all things Bradi Bear! Because - sorry mom, but I gotta give my people what they want!

                                                                                                                                         signatureBradi Bear King

Bath time. 

I knew this meant one of two things. I'd either run through one too many puddles and/or mud...or I WAS GOING TO ARKANSAS!!! The latter held to be true when Momma started packing up my essentials- my orange ring, rawhides, (now deflated) pink ball that I popped last week and refuse to let her throw away, and my kibble. Smellin good and coat newly fluffed/curled, I hopped in the car for a five-hour drive to see Taylor King and the family!

I was in and out of naps the entire ride- only awaking when big trucks would rumble past us. I'm adding those rides to my "scariest things list" because no way I'd wanna get in their way. Good thing I am pals with Taylor King, the accident attorney! I know he is always on my side, by my side...but even with that being so; I wasn't risking anything and buckled up my pup-belt.

I arrived in Arkadelphia, Arkansas to a huge "welcome home" dinner- complete with slow cooked roast and grilled vegetables. I was a little confused when Mom got out my kibble after Pops and Sugar (Taylor and Terri King) had worked so hard on my meal. But I didn't argue and instead settled for licking everyone's fingers after they had finished. 

The. Easter. Bunny...go ahead and add him to the list as well.

Now, I'm a very animal-friendly pup. I play nice with others, to say the least. But I wasn't so sure about this mysterious "Easter Bunny" everyone kept mentioning. He just hops around places...hiding things...leaving presents? It all seems a little too suspicious if you ask me. Sunday morning, I came downstairs with Mom, minding my own business, when- BAM! Something was snapped around my head!

"Look at what the Easter Bunny brought you!!!" My mother cooed as what seemed like the weight of the world was pushing down and around my own petite ears. The iPhone was out snappin pics like always, so I knew from past experience that if I held still for her to "get her shot," It would all be over quicker. Paparazzi...geez

Well, I was right about that bunny. Even though I can pull off the bunny ear head band way better than he can...I wouldn't mind it if next year, that bunny just hopped right OVER the King House.

                        signature            Bradi Bear King


My mom says I need more socialization. She is afraid I'm not outside enough with all this extra time blogging on the computer. She claims I need more face to face interactions, so she set up a walk with one of her friend's pups. I was skeptical- I mean, I like my routine walks, my turf, my smells! But I'm always down to make a new friend! I'm even up for a friendly game of chase- as long as both tails are waggin!

His name is Koda Bear, so obviously, we instantly bonded over the shared name. He is a Australian Shepard and just about my size! We made a compromise to do a walk neither one of us were quite used to; therefore, we made the same amount of stops to check out all the new scents on things. It was a beautiful day outside so there were lots of humans throwing around balls to each other. I didn't see any pups, other than Koda Bear and I, so I was confused to why they were playing with our toys...? And completely wrong, I might add! For instance, there were a couple of people playing with a tennis ball like the one I have back at home. But the grass they were running on looked so weird! Also, they were using huge fly swatters to pass the ball back and forth. Don't they know how good tennis balls taste? Maybe they think fetch is overrated too. I tried not to judge, but Koda Bear and I looked at each other knowingly. Silly humans.

Mom let Koda Bear and I off our leashes in the middle of Baylor's campus. Fountain Mall, that is what she called it. But I didn't see a water station or Petco anywhere near by- I have to say this walk was becoming more and more "interesting." Anyways, Koda Bear and I got to play chase in the big open field! There was so much room to run, it was almost like I was back in Arkansas! Only no Taylor King or Buddy to play with! I asked Koda Bear if he'd heard of Pop's, or seen my commercial. He said he had- and even "liked" my Facebook page (you can do that too...it's pretty cool if you ask me). After that, we ran and ran until both of us were literally DOG TIRED. I could barely make the walk back to the house! 

We exchanged info and I have a couple of play dates set up in the near future. I guess mom was right this time.

                                                                                                                                                           signatureBradi Bear King

I had a photoshoot the other day. I figure every star needs a couple of headshots to get a portfolio started. Clients will need something to reference when deciding on casting me for various roles. I really believe my first appearance on the Taylor King and Associates commercial with Taylor King and Buddy is going to just launch my career ( https://youtu.be/IihqDnKz4QM ). But I've grown up a little since then and think I need to accurately portray my 10 month old self. My mom is ALWAYS telling me to not get a big pup head, but I just KNOW this face was made for television. I've seen Buddy on the billboards and Taylor King cars that drive all around Springdale, Arkadelphia, Little Rock, Fort Smith, West Memphis- actually they are all over Arkansas. By simply putting their faces out there, they get the opportunity to help so many people with different types of personal injury cases and car wrecks! I'm ONLY trying to do my part.

My mom's good friend Hannah took the pictures (you can go to www.hannahmaysonphoto.com to see her other work) I guess Hannah didn't want Mom to feel left out, because she took some photos of her first. Mom was realllyyyy living vicariously through me though, she kept changing outfits and doing all these different poses on Baylor's campus. No offense mom, but the long, baggy, black get-up you had on...with the weird hat? not your best look. 

But I let her have her moment...and then it was my time to shine! Obviously, Mom and Hannah had my small Sonic water on the sidelines in case I got parched, but I knew the drill. I sat, stayed and smiled...that is until some guys started throwing a tennis ball to one another across campus! I just KNEW they wanted me to play too. I took off running in the most direct path towards them, I couldn't help it if that path happened to be through a couple of polished flower beds! I thinkkkkk I heard Mom calling my name...but really, now that I think about it, it sounded more like a chant, cheering me on! Like "Bra-di, Bra-di, Bra-di!!!" (channel a sports arena when reading that) It honestly only made me that much MORE excited and amped.

I'm now enrolled in Adult Dog Training classes. 

                                                                                                                                                  signature       Bradi Bear King

The sweet tooth gene is all genetics. Taylor King (Pops) passed it down to his daughter (my momma) and she gave it to me. We all view a little sugar as that small BOOST you need to get through the day. The entire Taylor King and Associates team daily negotiates reasonable settlements with insurance companies. They do it all, negotiate, settle, and file your case in court, to make it as easy on you as possible! If you can't come to them, they come to you! As a personal injury lawyer, Taylor King has to give a lot of energy to give his "best self" to his clients. That all sounds exhausting to me! I'm a goner if I don't get ATLEAST two naps a day. So I know when Pops is still on your side by your side after a long day at court, travel, and meetings he's had some help from a  Snickers bar...or two.

I have found my version of a Snickers bar pick me up. Pupcakes.

If you thought money was the only good thing that ATMs delivered... you obviously have never had a pupcake shoot out one of those things. I seemed skeptical because it was quite toasty outside and there was a long line of people waiting to get themselves and their pups a little snack. But Momma said she'd wait for me. People would go up to the screen and with a few quick touches, a magic door would close then reopen with little cardboard boxes. It was a dream come true to anyone with a love for icing or low blood sugar. It was finally our turn and momma picked the puppy bone picture- a sugar free version with yogurt icing and orange bone sprinkle of course. 

"Patience is a virtue" Something I'm still working on mastering. It is just SOOO tempting when you are waving a treat in my face to sit there still or in a "down" position until someone says the words "ok". But that's what I did for my pupcake.

IMG 0983IMG 0981 2IMG 0984 2

waiting......still waiting....oh it smells so good...can't look it...torture....oh SHE SAID IT IM GOING IN!!!

Little did I know Momma had YET to take the paper wrapper off the outside of the cake bottom. I didn't mind though, popped that thing down in one bite. 

I'll have to bring Pop's a pupcake next time I visit him in Arkansas. He may just replace his Snickers addiction. But probably not.


                                                                                                               signatureBradi Bear King

"Pup friendly" establishments are my kind of places, especially when food is involved. When I visit Taylor King in Arkadelphia, Arkansas we make frequent Sonic trips! He cares for his family and clients just the same and knows how dangerous car wrecks can be. So I have a special pup-belt I wear in the back until we arrive. Once we are there he rolls down the window just enough for me to smell all the smells while I wait for my small water to be delivered. But this Saturday I experienced something EVEN BETTER! I wasn't shielded by any car doors at this heaven on earth. NO sir, I got to actually participate in the festivities nose to nose with lots of other humans and pups. About an hour there and I decided that Farmer's Markets are the absolute best.

I was obviously popular. Lots of little kiddos wanted to pet me, so I sat still as best as I could and tried not to get TOO excited. I just love people. But it gets even better- I know how could it? There was tent after tent of so many different scents and treats. I'd have loved to just gobble them all up, but I was satisfied nose in the air walking from smell to smell. First I walked slowly by the  gourmet grilled cheese stand and took in all the buttery smells. Then Momma led me over to the homemade muffins and cookies, but I didn't see any pupcakes, so we kept moving. It was too early for the brick oven pizza and fresh bread tent, but that sure didn't keep my mouth from watering. That is when I smelt it...whipped cream. Momma was standing in line for a crepe but I just HAD to know where the sweet fluffy goodness was located so I could use my "puppy eyes" on any passing person capable of getting me some. Momma wasn't budging so I had to pull a little in all different directions to try and sniff it out. I'll admit it was not my best job of "stay".

"And would you like whip cream on that?" A guy behind a register asked my mom.

I whipped my pup head around so fast and performed the best sit I could possibly do. I was motionless, waiting for her response...

Let's just say, she was "on my side by my side" and made it one SWEET day at the Farmer's Market. I may have to take Momma back next weekend.


                                                                                                                                    signatureBradi Bear King

Today was Mother's Day. I believe all the mommas out there deserve all the pupcakes, raw hides, and whip cream they could ask for! Being a mom is hard work, I know us kiddos aren't always the easiest to handle! No matter how many times I accidentally "excited pee" in the house, try to steal a sock when she's doing laundry, or pull a little too hard on my leash when I see a stick, Momma is always On My Side - By My Side. She must have learned it from my Pops, Taylor King. His entire law firm truly takes care of it's clients. They pride themselves to respect, stand by, and work hard for each individual client. When they say they are "On your side- by your side" it's not just a slogan! If a client can't make it to one of the three offices, Taylor King and Associates meet their clients wherever they are! They even take care of all the paperwork and let the clients focus on recovering.

Well, Taylor King raised my momma right, because she treats me the exact same way! From day one, Momma has always done what is best for me! I know she has a crazy busy schedule, but we still go on daily walks and take special trips to the dog park! When I was a pup, I kept getting sick to my stomach. Momma didn't know what was wrong; if it was some sort of bug, one of my toys, or the type of food I was eating. But she worked hard, just like Pops, until things were set right. Turns out I eat wayyyyy too fast and have to have this special maze bowl that slows me down...oh and a slight gastrointestinal problem. She doesn't even complain that I now only eat Prescription Diet food! Goes without saying that all that love and care can get pretty tiring- so sometimes me and mom just take a little pup nap together.

Momma says she does all of that stuff because we are family, and that is what family does for one another. I really love being apart of the Taylor King family; and the word on the street is that they treat their clients like family too!

                                                                                                                   signatureBradi Bear King

No fear ladies and gents- Bradi Bear is back! My apologies for the delayed post but I promise I've been busy! Life after graduation has been just  a WHIRLWIND! Mom believes that I can have more opportunities to shine in Dallas. I think she found some more school up here to entertain herself while I blossom. 

Boy do I have updates- first of all Mom's brother is joining the Taylor King and Associates Family! He graduated from Law School at the University of Arkansas and is going to work for Taylor King in Arkadelphia soon! While everyone went to Fayetteville for the weekend to celebrate him, I went to Summer Camp! I'm a tad on the shy side when I first meet anyone but I quickly warmed up to all the pups there. We all exchanged stories through our kennels before we went to sleep the first night. That's when I found out about TLC times from some of the veterans at camp. They are ten minute one-on-one play times that your mom or dad has to set up prior to camp. Apparently you get to do or play with WHATEVER you want! They sounded just amazing. Turns out Mom set up TWO for me...I chose to snuggle and sniff. It was a good 10 minutes.

Taylor King and Mom picked me up from Camp! Boy what a surprise! It made leaving camp totally worth it! Taylor King (Pops) was there to help me and Mom move to Dallas! He knows all about crazy traffic and wanted to make sure we were safe! NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE! He made Mom take a pledge for both of our safety! I don't see the big deal in texting...maybe it's because my paws are too big for those tiny letters...I still prefer blogging on the laptop!

Moving can really tire a pup out! Mom had all paws on deck between me, mom's boyfriend, Pops, and Sugar (That's Taylor King's wife).
 IMG 1395                                                                                              IMG 1374

Mom gave me some pretty interesting toys during the moving in process. I could never find the squeaker in this one! Most of the time Taylor King and I supervised on the couch!  

We are all finally settled in and I got some Wifi to post for y'all! I know my fans were on the edge of their seats, checking the Taylor King and Associates webpage daily. I told Mom about the public and convinced her to take me to a local coffee shop for some connection - that and a free puppichino, of course!


                                                                                                                                                         signature       Bradi Bear King


I have a nice little view from my balcony of three things:

1) a high rise apartment complex that has a yappy pup on the 7th floor

2) A dog park that I visit at least twice a week, a personal fave

3) Highway 75 full of cars trucks and motorcycles 

I can not tell you how many times I've been woken up from police and ambulance sirens heading towards a wreck! I'M TELLING YOU, GOTTA BE CAREFUL PEOPLE! OK...I can't keep it in anymore. I'll let you in on a secret. Sometimes when mom is gone to school I make my way over to that dog park I mentioned earlier. She is super overprotective and would be so worried if she knew I was out on my own, but Momma isn't the only one who has made some friends in Dtown.

There are quite a few of us, but the regulars consist of a hyper poodle that thinks the game chase is the best thing on Earth (obviously hasn't hit up pupcakes ATM), two little shitzus that have spunky attitudes and refuse to get in the mud at the park, a boxer that honestly just scares me, and another golden who's coat is more yellow than mine. We all meet up around 10 (we like to sleep in a little) and make our little walk over to the park. To get there, we walk past some fun shops that set out little water bowls for us, then we have to cross two busy roads. Not all the pups are as agile as I; it takes some effort for those little shitzu legs to make it across the street.

We always make sure to use cross walks and look both ways, but even I have to sprint sometimes when that little blinky man turns to a flashing red hand! This is when it kinda gets interesting. One time while we were waiting to cross, a car pulled out in front of another car and CRASH. I witnessed my first accident. Tails tucked, we all decided to skip the park that day and head home. Mom came home and I was in my crate, pretending to be asleep, just like every other normal day (she suspected nothing). But I couldn't get any shut-eye! The people in the wreck looked so upset, so I turned to someone I knew would be able to help!

I rang up good 1-800-CAR-WRECK and asked Taylor King about my concern. He told me that it was good that I was cautious because car accidents can be devastating! Many people are not only injured, but lose their vehicles and are then not able to work. Bills can pile up which causes even more emotional strain- but a lot of those problems can be managed by hiring an experienced attorney! Taylor King Law is ON YOUR SIDE, BY YOUR SIDE! Which made me feel soooo much better! 

Now I can enjoy the dog park again...and my beauty sleep!

                                                                                                                                 signatureBradi Bear King

So I hear that mud is good for the skin....Atleast that is what I told Momma AFTER I dove straight into it! It has been SO rainy and turns out that dirt + water = MUD MUD MUD! Now, I might be a diva when it comes to going out into the rain itself, but the after effects are ay okay with me! Sometimes the cost of beauty is a high price to pay, but I do what must be done to keep my coat shiny and up to par.

You might be wondering why I am going above and beyond to keep my appearance up. Well, I received a call the other day about being available for a photo shoot - I'm sure the head shots I sent out had something to do with it. A trip to Arkansas is long over due. Momma has all this work and school stuff that keeps her busy and I was about to have to take matters into my own paws!


Anyways, I told their people to call my people to work out the details but all of that is to say that big things are happening in Texarkana, Arkansas. I've been through Texarkana multiple times on my way to visit Taylor King in Arkadelphia. I try not to create too big of a stir when I go places (people go crazy for celebs these days). I'm not quite sure what all will be required of me for this shoot (Mom keeps telling me I'm just some emotional support for Taylor King). But if there is one thing I've learned about the world of fame- you have to be ready for anything! Therefore, I've been finding my best angle in the mirror and going for extra walks around the block JUST incase I'm needed on camera.

I figured while I'm there I could go ahead and make my rounds to the different Taylor King offices to do little check ins. Taylor King Law has multiple locations around the state of Arkansas. Springdale, North Little Rock, West Memphis, and Arkadelphia all have convenient offices to serve you! But what's even cooler is that if you can't make it into one of those locations, someone from Taylor King Law will come to you! Come by; who knows, I might even be there for an autograph.

                                                                                                                                                          signatureBradi Bear King


IMG 1667Happy Father's Day Dad!! Mom thought a day at the lake would be a great way to spend Father's Day! I didn't think the lake sounded too bad either...maybe because I had no idea "the lake" was code for one huge bathtub. I don't think that thing ever ended, and I sure couldn't see the bottom! There is no telling how many dirty dogs (and who knows what else) took a soak in that thing for it to turn that color!

Taylor King (aka Pops) talks about how fun Lake Degray in Arkadelphia, Arkansas is, so I trusted y'all and got in the boat. Pops, being the personal injury lawyer that he is, teaches safety first! But when Mom pulled out that huge orange life vest, I thought she had to be kidding. I mean Golden Retrievers are bred to love water! Right? I mean I can't get enough of the sprinkler.

But Mom strapped that thing on me before we were even out of the car. She is SUCH a worrier. But I understand she wasn't taking any chances because Buddy and Taylor King need me up in Arkansas at Taylor King and Associates. Plus I think I pulled it off pretty well.

Anyways, turns out I was pretty grateful for the thing once the boat took off. I've never moved so quickly! The wind was whipping in my face and the water almost stung when it splashed up on me! I was holding onto Mom with my paws for my pup life! WERE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY?!?! This is a personal injury just WAITING to happen... WHAT WOULD TAYLOR KING THINK OF HIS DAUGHTER? But nobody was acting like anything was out of the normal! I was frantically running from Mom to Dad because I couldn't tell who was more sane between the two, but both seemed to actually be enjoying this crazy ride.

Then the worst happened...we stopped. Stranded, in the middle of the lake, no land in any direction! Yes, I was thankful for a break from the 1000 mile per hour wind, but I just knew I was stuck out there forever. I still don't understand how everyone remained so calm, especially mom (she normally freaks over everythingggg, like big deal, so what if the Great Dane next door and I always want to play when we see each other? Don't hold my leash so tight and I won't pull you down!) But nope, not one person acted like rocking back and forth in this grey, bottomless bath was anything to bat an eye at. 

I was working out a plan to get us back to shore when I saw one of the scariest things out of the corner of my eye. Dad must have gotten too overwhelmed with our current situation because he JUMPED right into the water! I didn't even think before I ran over to the edge and jumped in after him! It didn't matter how scared I was - it was Father's Day for goodness sake, plus nobody else seemed to be going in after him! Something came over me and I started to paddle to Dad!

He was smiling and laughing when I got to him, I'm sure over joyed that I rescued him from the awful bathwater. I turned around and led him back to the "safety" of our boat. Mom got everything on video too (look for it on my Facebook page Bradibearsbigworld) Happy to save your life Dad, anytime...I bet Mom rethinks such dangerous outings from now on.

                                                                                                                                                      signatureBradi Bear King

Happy Fourth of July everyone! As you know I LOVE HOLIDAYS! Dressing up and really getting into the spirit, whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, is right up my ally. I've been anticipating the Fourth of July for awhile now, because it has bee a long time since my last celebration. I got so pumped when I saw the banners for the 7k's and 4k's in honor of the upcoming holiday. Pshhhh not for the runs (please) but 4th of July meant smells of hotdogs, lots of outside time with Momma and A NEW BANDANA! Momma explained to me that I needed an American Flag bandana because years ago America won it's independence from the British on the 4th.

As you might have noticed i am NOT being as patriotic as I wanted to be...Dad went in search of my accessory at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Petsmart before he came home with some Red, white, and blue fabric for Momma to make me a Plan B. It may not be stars and stripes but I got lots of compliments at the dog park! 

I had the whole weekend planned and it was going to be perfect. But I'm learning that sometimes, well most of the time actually, things in life don't go as planned. It can be very upsetting when things happen that are out of our control, but working with Taylor King and Buddy at Taylor King Law has helped show me how to react in situations of uncertainty. Nobody plans a personal injury, whether it be a car wreck, slip and fall, or any other accident that is out of our control, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

Taylor King helps his clients relax and show that this bump is not the end of the road. Just watching he and his team take control to negotiate, settle, or file their client's cases in court in order for them to focus on healing really puts my problems into perspective. Plus, what good story comes out of a flawless weekend? 

So, to spice things up, I decided the eat my plastic food bowl on the morning before the 4th. Yup, you heard me correctly...I ate my food bowl. Mom went to breakfast and left me at home with my bowl full of food, so boy was she surprised when she got back to half of a smashed plastic bowl, no food and me, sitting there wagging my tail!

Well...she flipped. Something about my stomach/small intestine being torn from sharp pieces of plastic - I don't quite remember. But the rest of the day did NOT go according to my plan. I spent the next 6 hours at the vet throwing up plastic bowl with Spud the bulldog. He had the same bright idea about eating his bowl too...

Thankfully my stomach and small intestine were still intact, which allowed me to enjoy the rest of the 4th of July with Mom and Dad. I took them to my fav dog park (where I wore my bandana) and introduced them to a couple of my friends. Helicopter Parents are the WORST, but they played it pretty cool- I may bring them back sometime if they are lucky... 

                                                                           signatureBradi Bear King


I'll be the first to tell you- humans LOVE their phones. Maybe it's because my pup paws don't text all that easily, but I really don't understand the obsession. Wouldn't you much rather chew on a rope or that really cool stick outside over staring at a tiny screen that buzzes unexpectedly!

Momma took a pledge to put away her phone when she is in the car in order to protect both of us! You can't focus on the road 100% like you need to! Texting, talking on the phone, looking at what song to play next, or even google searching where you are going can cause so many avoidable accidents! Taylor King calls this "distractive driving" and was telling me what a huge problem it is during the summer! Come on people, Summer Time is about SUNS OUT TONGUES OUT! We don't have time for car accidents, rear-ends, and repairs!

Apparently I had to come all the way to Taylor King's house in Arkadelphia, Arkansas to tell people how important this information is! Mom and I drove straight to Taylor King Law (phones away of course). When I got there I got to meet the new staff! The five new lawyers all got my Bradi Bear stamp of approval. All of the 17 lawyers, Pops, Buddy, and I worked all day on ways to let people know how dangerous multi-tasking phones and driving can be. What it comes down to is understanding that it really ISN'T multi-tasking! When you are behind the wheel, you need to protect yourself, passengers, and other surrounding drivers from any distractions! 

At the end of the day, we were all DOG tired and Taylor King drove me and Buddy home (windows down, wind in our faces...Buddy and I at least). When we got there, the best surprise was waiting for me!

All of my favorite people were around the pool with burgers, baked beans, and watermelon! I'd never smelt so many good smelling smells in one place at one time (and you know that is some serious talking because I visit sonic often). Momma even had a pool special Bradi Bear sized- I'm still not a fan of those "lakes" and other big bodies of water. And that swimming pool looked a little fishy.

It is great being home with the Taylor King family - hey, MY family! It's as sweet as that piece of watermelon I snagged outta Momma's hand when she wasn't looking!!

                                                                                                                                                         signatureBradi Bear King

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday dear BRADI, Happy Birthday to ME! I'll sing myself to sleep with that tune tonight! To say today was the BEST DAY EVER is an understatement! I've been waiting for today ever since I was invited to my friend Rory's birthday back in February! Mom told me that I would have my very own party with treats, friends, and presents - but not until AUGUST!  I immediately went to Pinterest and started a board. I had so many great ideas and needed a place to combine them into the PAWty of the year! I needed a venue, invitations (which

 required a guest list), pup decorations, pup treats, and obviously a special birthday outfit! Did I need a tutu or was a birthday themed bandana more classy? Would my guests want doggy bags to go? Well one thing was for sure - there HAD to be party hats. I soon realized that it was a good thing I had months to plan everything!

A week before the bash I sent out the invites to my people. Sadly, Taylor King had to decline because he and Buddy had important business in Jonesboro and Ft Smith, Arkansas. TWO new offices are going to be opened, so I completely understand why they had to miss my little get-together. Taylor King has been working and helping people for 29 years and good ol' Buddy has been around for about half of that! I can't even imagine all they know. I feel like I've learned so much from Buddy about driving safely and personal injury in just this LAST year! 

I could barely sleep last night - fueled with anticipation for 2:00 pm the next day. Yes, I realize it is the middle of August and pushing 110 degrees outside...but PAWTY PRIORITIES PEOPLE! Table runners were set, polka dot hats and matching bow ties were placed, and fire hydrant center pieces were positioned. I. WAS. READY. We ran, we panted, we opened gifts, and we chatted. It was really the best of times. And just when things were winding down, out came the two biggest Pupcakes my sweet 1 year old eyes have ever seen. They were pumpkin flavored cakes iced in cream cheese and peanut butter icing. My heart skips a little beat when I think about them now. I ate mine in one bite. I'm not proud of my actions - it seems childish now that I look back on it. But I couldn't help myself in the moment. I realized I'd woofed the thing down so quickly, I didn't even get a chance to taste iDSC 0738t. That's when I saw Emma the chocolate lab's pupcake sitting there unattended and half eaten (maybe it was unattended because Emma was chewing the bite she'd just taken, but who is really asking). I saw my opportunity and I took it. Literally...I took the pupcake and ran. I'm pretty stealthy but I guess the sparkly pink boa hat gave me away as I high tailed it across the dog park with my new friend's party favor. It's my birthday and I can do what I want... I don't have much else to say on the matter.

DSC 0714

signature Bradi Bear King


Hey all you pup lovers! I've have a quick little PSA I feel that needs to be addressed...

As the dog days of summer quickly tick by and school approaches there are some things you should remember to do in our great state of Arkansas! Heck- we are the Natural State for a reason, so lets get out and enjoy that Arkansas beauty! Taylor King sent out an email a couple of weeks ago with some great ideas to do in the GREAT outdoors and I'm here giving them my pup print of approval. I love seeing my friends at dog parks, but there are lots of great other HUMAN parks out there to explore too! I say explore with caution though... It's August, which means days with highs of TRIPLE digits (I'm in a fur coat over here so I refuse to go outside without my ice pack "cool collar"...I advise you do the same)! Make sure to leave out lots of water and shade for any pets or plants you leave at home while you are out with friends and family taking in our special state. I'm all down for taking the pets along for the fun but remember to keep yourself (and us) very hydrated! Arkansas has it all- mountains to hike, lakes (even though I'm still a little weary of those big murky baths), rivers to float, forests to camp, and parks to take it all in! Wherever you're going, remember the Taylor King and Associates crew, which includes me, Bradi Bear, wants you to drive safely!! So lets get out there and do it....school is just around the corner! 

Here are some links for some great day trips and things to do:



                                                                                                                                                  signatureBradi Bear King

Bradi Bear here, just blogging away as usual.

So people, what cha think about my wink?? Pretty cute, huh? I've been perfecting that tongue out, side ways look for quite awhile now. I was surfing the web and came across these "wink" idioms and was APPALLED that none involved pups!

  • Tip somebody the wink (secretly give someone helpful information)
  • Catch forty winks (just a quick cat nap)
  • Didn't sleep a wink (no sleep at all)
  • A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse (I mean...you are gonna give a blind horse a shout out, but no love for the pups? Who comes up with these things anyways?)

Well, one thing is for sure. Summer is over. I was shocked when I saw the huge yellow school buses rolling by my dog park the other day. Don't get me wrong, it makes my day when all the kids run by the park before class and give me a wave. My park is near a school zone which means LOTS of traffic. So I think this is a good time to remind everyone about some simple safety tips! We have to remember we are sharing the rode with school buses, walkers, bikers, and car riders! And there are laws in place to protect everyone!

  • You MUST stop and wait if a bus is stopped unloading/loading children. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus. That goes for both ways of traffic.
  • When approaching a crosswalk make sure to not have any part of your car crossing the pedestrian walkway! Be alert and fully out of the crossing in the case of unpredictable children. They have the legal right of way!
  • Always watch your speed limit when going through a school zone; normal speeds change depending on the time of day! 

Those are my top 3 tips, but you can find SO many more with the links below! Until next time!

Back to School Safety Tips 

Slow Down: Back to School Means Sharing the Road 

                                                                                                                                                                     signatureBradi Bear King

Hey Puplovers! Anyone else feeling a little over worked? Just need an extended weekend to really get the pep back in your pupstep? Don't get me wrong- I LOVE working with Taylor King and all the other lawyers at Taylor King and Associates but we really have been working so hard lately. I've been putting in so much extra time at the office and getting to know all the new staff that I missed the last three episodes of The Dog Whisperer!! But no fear all you hard working people- Labor Day is just around the corner! 

Labor Day is celebrated every year on the first Monday in September. Created by the labor movement, it is in honor of the hard work and variety of achievements of American workers. Lots of people decide to take the day to travel or spend time outside together! Check out all of these great Family Weekend Activities in Arkansas!


I've begun compiling a list of how I want to spend my labor day:

4:07 am- Wake Momma up to take me out to use the bathroom

6:43 am- Bring my orange ring onto Momma's bed and chew until her alarm goes off

7:30 am- Alarm will sound

7:31am- Snuggle with Momma aka make her rub my belly

8:20 am- Momma lets me lick the bottom of her greek yogurt container

8:35 am- Morning walk to open field/playground area *side note- on the walk, it would be ideal to find a stray tennis ball from the tennis courts we pass

8:45-9:30am- Play at park, run (off leash), sniff various things/people/plants/rocks, find multiple amazing sticks (that Momma WILL let me take home....one can hope)

9:45 am- Eat a Pupsicle

That is all I have so far but trust me, I am just getting started. No matter what YOU decide to do over your Labor Day Holiday, please remember to drive safely! There will be more traffic on the roads and you need to be completely alert and focused while driving! The Taylor King and Associates family want ya to have a safe and fun holiday!

                                                                                                                                                                    signature Bradi Bear King

WOOF WOOF and a big sniff to ya! We've gotten some new members in the Taylor King and Associates Family! Now, don't get your hopes up - none of them are as furry as me - but they are pretty close to "as lovable". Taylor King needed to hire some new lawyers to the team, so of course I offered my services. For some reason, the debate of canines in the courtroom is still up in the air, so we went with our next best option. I conducted the interviews to sniff out the best candidates for the job. With my keen smell of judgement and thorough interview style, I believe I found some top dogs. 

IMG 1753Meet Josh Adkerson!

Q: Where is your favorite spot in Arkansas?

A: I would say the flooded fields and timber of Northeast Arkansas during duck season. There is no better place.

Q: How would you describe your work style? Spectrum being from an extreme hyperactive yorkie all the way to a lazy cat. Please choose an animal along the continuum and explain your choice.

A: I think I'm like an American Labrador Retriever - high energy, strong focus, and lots of determination...but I'm also equally as happy just laying around and eating.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like running the trails out at Lake Degray. 

Q: What is your number one rule on safe driving?

A: Adhere to the speed limit! All my friends think I'm a slow driver, but I've been exposed to many unfortunate events involving motor vehicle accidents that have occurred simply because of excessive speed.



Meet Austin King! Like father, like son- Taylor King's oldest child made the Bradi Bear cut!

IMG 1751Q: What type of goals do you have in mind if you get this job?

A: I want to do my best to help my clients through the difficult time that occurs after a car accident.

Q: Where is your favorite spot in Arkansas?

A: Ouachita Baptist University, where I graduated undergrad and met my wife.

Q: If you could pick any type of ball...would it be a tennis ball, football, or a squeaky one that smells like bacon? It's important...I promise.

A: A tennis ball?

Q: What is your number one rule on safe driving?

A: Keep your eyes on the road and away from other distractions in the car.






Meet JP Phillips!

IMG 1749Q: Why did you choose to become a lawyer?

A: The Dallas Cowboys weren't hiring slow quarterbacks with weak arms and the St. Louis Cardinals told me I was more of a "watcher" than a "player" - so with those two out, lawyer was the next option.

Q:What kind of goals do you have in mind if you get this job?

A: My number one goal is to help my clients as much as I can. People place a special kind of trust in their attorneys, and I want to honor that trust.

Q: If I were your supervisor, how would you react if I occasionally asked you for a belly rub?

A: I'm fine with it, as long as you would repay the favor.

Q: What are three character traits your friends would use to describe you?

A: Determined, friendly, and clever. (Honorable mentions: handsome and charming)

Q: What is your number one rule on safe driving?

A: "HOWE OR" which stands for "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road."


AND OF COURSE...every attorney answered truthfully when asked "Is Taylor King on your side, by your side?"....ABSOLUTELY! 

                                                                                                                                                                                  signatureBradi Bear King







First point of business- I know a lot of you readers out there have been clients of Taylor King and Associates. The entire team, from case managers to lawyers, work hard to give every person the best experience possible during his or her time spent with us. Going through a personal injury of any kind, whether it be a car wreck or a slip and fall accident, can be devastating! We strive to let you focus on a smooth recovery while we handle your case! If a friend or family member ever happens to be in the same unfortunate situation of needing a personal injury lawyer due to an accident, send them our way! Referrals to Taylor King and Associates can help ensure them a team of attorneys who will work hard to get the case settled as quickly and easily as possible!

OK I know I'm being a little needy, but this brings me to my second point of discussion....

CONFESSION: I got a little happy on the Halloween Aisle the other day.

IMG 3048IMG 3057IMG 3058IMG 3065

I ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF WEEKS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IM GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN!!! And none of my current ideas are complete...

My Minnie Mouse costume needs a tutu...or should I be a cheetah for the night? Maybe a zebra...HEAR ME ROAR, wait do zebras roar? But you can never go wrong with a good superhero costume....how does Batman Bradi Bear sound to y'all? Please help me figure out what I'm going to be! Until then I'll be snacking on Halloween themed pupcakes!

                                                                                                                                              signatureBradi Bear King

The people have spoken! This year for Halloween, I'll be handing out candy and pupcakes  as the one and only MINNIE MOUSE! I even jazzed up my mouse ears with a matching polka dot tutu. I really think it will go over well! I'm glad yall picked Minnie, because as some of you pointed out, the other costumes all involved masks which made it difficult to see. It got me thinking about some other helpful tips for Halloween that might help keep everyone safe! I narrowed it down to Bradi Bear's Big Three below...

TIP 1 (this one isn't only for Halloween)

Look both ways before crossing the street and use only established crosswalks. Whether you are going house to house yourself, or driving neighborhood roads, be extra mindful of your surroundings. There will be more pedestrian traffic than normal and often kiddos hyped up on sugar forget to stop and look before crossing!


Try to only walk on sidewalks! If this isn't possible, walk along the far edge of the road facing traffic. You want to be walking towards an oncoming car to be able to see and hear it in order to get out of harms way! Don't forget it will get darker earlier, so it will be more difficult to see!


Consider adding reflective tape to your costume or treat bag! It will help drivers see you and it could also add a neat (safe) final touch to your costume!

I hope everyone has a very Happy SAFE Halloween

                                                                                                                                                                    ! signatureBradi Bear King



Tomorrow, November 11th, is a very special day. Yes, it marks 44 sleeps until Christmas, but more importantly it is Veterans Day. When Taylor King first told me about the upcoming holiday, I tucked my tail and ran for my kennel! No way was I celebrating going to the Vet!! That place isn't tricking anyone when they try to distract ya with a treat...I know something is about to be stuck somewhere! He eased me out of my panicked state with some peanut butter and a belly rub as he told me the real reason behind this federal holiday.

It dates way back to 1918 when "the war to end all wars" ended. Everyone should use this day to focus his or her attention on honoring the brave and hardworking veterans that fought for our country. These men and women are recognized for their patriotism, love of the United States of America, and willingness to serve!

I told Taylor King how thankful I was that we had such dedicated people! I asked him if he could think of a way for me to thank and honor these veterans. Then he reminded me that not every pup has a blog...so I wanted to do my part! I want to encourage y'all to do the same!

                                                                                                                                  signatureBradi Bear King

Thanksgiving has finally arrived! Tomorrow everyone will gather at Taylor King's house for food, family and fun. It will be great- we will all exchange stories and catch up on one another's lives. Austin King will share about working for good ole Pops and his move back to Arkadelphia. And I'll get to tell everyone about my second time on set with Buddy for the Taylor King commercials!

Although, we ran into a slight problem when we started discussing the meal for tomorrow. Everyone started naming what they had made when we realized THERE WAS NO TURKEY! It was the morning before Thanksgiving and we'd somehow left out THE Thanksgiving staple. The entire family was stressed when I came to the rescue. I put on my turkey costume and it was decided I'd just be everyone's little turkey instead! (I like honey baked ham more anyways!)

There was no need to stress over a little thing like forgotten turkey- I have so much to be thankful for:

1. Belly rubs from Taylor King and anyone else for that matter

2. Cool weather outside to run off leash in

3. Pupcakes that come in Pup-kin Spice Flavor

4. The perfect role model, Buddy

5. Sticks

6. All of Taylor King's friendly clients who love to meet me

7. That Momma always shares marshmallows from her hot chocolate

8. Everyone followed safe driving rules to meet for Thanksgiving

9. The vet is closed on Thanksgiving Holiday

10. Taylor King is on my side by my side

                                                                                                                                 signatureBradi Bear King

I am home for the holidays! That means popcorn garland to eat, extended family to sniff, and Christmas sweaters to AVOID! I've been helping decorate for Christmas at the Taylor King Law Office. My puppy paws aren't the best at wrapping gifts, but I'm really good at picking out ornaments to hang on the tree. Plus, my tail can sweep up pine needles faster then you can say "Kris Kringle." I'm telling you, as soon as I hear some Christmas music something happens inside of me that I can't explain!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, so I really want to spread the cheer throughout Arkansas. I was at the Arkadelphia office howling Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and searching for a peanut butter cookie recipe for Santa when Taylor King loaded me up in the car. He told me we were on the way to Fort Smith, Arkansas. We turned onto Rogers Avenue to see Taylor King's sign above his brand new office! And as an added treat, cousin Buddy was on a billboard right across the street! Taylor King was sharing the new office in Fort Smith with me for Christmas and it was all I could do not to "excited pee" right there in the car.

Y'all be on the lookout for me while I make my rounds this holiday season! I never turn down a good belly rub!

                                                                                                                                                                                signature     Bradi Bear King

This holiday season I've added a twist to some of my favorite Christmas carols! I hope you enjoy howling them as much as I do!

Here Comes Santa Paws (to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus) 

Here comes Santa Paws, here comes Santa Paws

Right down 320 Main

Cousin Buddy made the nice list

I hope I do the same!

Wag Your Tail (to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Driving through the snow, on a cold and snowy day

Be careful on the roads, so you get home okay!

Your cell phone may ring, on the road tonight

But let it wait, instead be safe, so everyone's alright!

Wag your tail, wag your tail, wag it every day

Yes I promise, to drive safe, during the holidays!

Please Don't Get Run Over By a Reindeer (to the tune of Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer)

Please don't get run over by a reindeer, driving on the roads this Christmas Eve

That big red sleigh that's driven by Santa, has been in more wrecks than you'd believe 

                                                                                                                                          paw print transparentBradi Bear King



As 2015 comes to a close, we’re looking back on an incredible year here at Taylor King and Associates! We opened a new office in Jonesboro, which brings us to a total of 6 office locations in Arkansas. We had some great staff, including several new attorneys, join the firm. And, as always, the highlight of our year is working with our incredible clients – and reading Bradi Bear’s blog. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this year so great!

We also look forward to all the exciting things that 2016 will bring – like new Taylor King offices opening near you! As the Christmas cookies dwindle and the gym treadmills start filling up, it’s clearly time for one of our favorite things about January: New Year’s resolutions. Here at the Taylor King offices, we’ve all got some goals for the next year. Check out a few of them:

  • Taylor: Continue to use the MyFitnessPal app.

  • Ellen: Knit a scarf for a friend! I meant to knit her one for Christmas, but didn’t get around to it.

  • Austin: I plan to read a book each month.

  • Brad: I'd love to go on more dates with my wife and my kids. Eat at more restaurants with my wife. Go on some more hiking trails with my son. Eat more desserts with my daughters - they both have a sweet tooth. And build a treehouse! That’s on my to-do list this year. I want to build a treehouse.

  • Bradi Bear: I want to keep my standards for bathing as high as my standards for safe driving! And also…eat more pupcakes.

To be honest, we’ve all tried making New Year’s resolutions at least once, and we’ve all failed…at least once. We’re probably not the only ones. 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail, according to a 2007 study by British psychologist Richard Wiseman. The question is, how do you become one of the 12% who succeed?

As it turns out, the answer is a small one: Turn your big, bold resolution into a small, specific habit. Resolutions often fail because they are broad and a little unrealistic. We resolve to lose weight, spend more time with our families, read more books, or stop drinking sodas. The problem is that deciding what to do something doesn’t help with the how, when, and where of it. Science shows that nearly everything we do is determined by our habits. If you want to change your life, change your habits.

Resolution: I want to read more.
Habit: I will read for 15 minutes every night before bed.

Resolution: I want to connect more with my family.
Habit: I will leave my cell phone in my jacket pocket during family dinners.

Resolution: I want to be more active.
Habit: I will go for a 15-minute walk every evening after work.

Check out The Science of New Year’s Resolutions for more interesting, scientific, and helpful tips.

Happy New Year! 

Using social media with personal injury cases

TWEET TWEET...oh good @CuteEmergency just tweeted the sweetest baby pup in a bowtie.

I think I'll start a new board on Pinterest for fun workout plans...c'mon Mom, that walk around the same ol' block again? BORING...

Decisions, decisions....what filter to choose on Instagram for my mid-afternoon pupcake picture?

DANG! 15 new Facebook notifications?!

Let's be honest people...social media is a huge part of our day! It is natural to want to share with the world what we care about, but if you've been injured in an accident and are making a personal injury claim, this can get sticky. It's common to forget that these are public sites and that sharing too much information can impact the case! But what is TOO MUCH? I'm so glad you asked! To be safe, Taylor King advises you to refrain from posting anything about the accident. And that means ANYTHING...especially photos of the injuries, details about the accident, or your own opinions.

If your New Years' Resolution wasn't to give up social media, have no fear, nobody is asking you to "go dark" for the time it takes to settle your case. You just need to think a little more carefully about any post you make on these sites. I've come up with what I like to call the 3Cs to help me remember what type of posts are appropriate for social media.

C1- Clean it up. Previous posts with profanity, talk of illegal activity, or suggestive photographs might not have anything to do with your current case, but could be material that the defense might use against you. Remember that social media is constantly being taken out of context!

C2- Character. Posts that show your character and commitment are the ones people want to see and read about: the new meal you made with your family, or latest toy you got the smallest and furriest member of your group (hint hint). Instead of posting about your case, try sharing about your education, professional goals, or church and charity involvement. Much better!

C3- Cooperation. The safest way to ensure your social media posts don't negatively affect your case is to avoid any controversial posts while your case is ongoing. The personal injury lawyers at Taylor King & Associates will work hard to help you get the settlement you deserve. COOPERATING with him or her and following the 3C's will help everyone!

Okay...I'm finished with my lecture! Gotta go check the latest update and see what all I've missed!

                                                                                                                                                            paw print transparentBradi Bear King           



Arkansas drivers' license laws

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times...click it or ticket! But I'm being serious people, did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers?! Every single day in America six teenagers are killed in a car accident. Sorry to go from zero to sixty, but imagine getting hit by a car going sixty without seatbelt on!! So I've deemed myself the BUCKLE UP PUP to let everyone in Arkansas know how to reduce your chances of being one of those numbers!

First off, I'm sure you're wondering why deadly car accidents effect 16-19 year olds more than the rest of the population. Well, some of us teenagers like to think we're nearly invincible! I get it. I love to run faster than I probably should at the crosswalk. Sometime on my morning walk, I might crowd a yorkie whose little legs slow up my strides. And if I can get away with it, 9 times out of 10 I would rather NOT wear that semi-uncomfortable harness that "keeps me from pulling Mom down the block." These new drivers are the same way: more likely to speed, leave less room between cars, and underestimate dangerous driving conditions. And did you know that teens wear their seatbelts less than any other age group?

There are tons of the teens on the road! Arkansas has three levels of licenses for teens to obtain: 

1. Learners License: (age 14-16; always requires licensed passenger 21+ years) Must pass written, road, and vision tests. No record of any accident in last 6 months

2. Intermediate License: (age 16-18; first 6 months requires licensed passenger 21+ years) 

3. Regular License: (age 18 and up) Before applying, teen cannot have any record of accident or traffic violation in last 12 months

I'm going to help you out and offer a few BUCKLE UP PUP SAFETY TIPS:

1. Ok...running the risk of some major echo, but IN CASE you missed it the first couple of times...BUCKLE THOSE SEATBELTS! 

2. NEVER talk or text while driving! I've got four paws to drive with, but even I put the phone down while in the car!

3. Drinking and driving should NEVER go together! First, teenage drinking is illegal; second, drinking and driving at ANY age is illegal. Let's all just avoid this double trouble! 

4. Stay focused on the road, not the radio or other passengers! Try to eliminate those distractions as much as possible, like turning down the music.  Hello Adele, but you can wait! 

5. Have I mentioned the seatbelt yet...?

                                                                                                                                                         paw print transparent Bradi Bear King


Bradi Bear Valentine's Day

Snuggle Pup + Personal Injury Blogger + February = VALENTINE'S DAY POEMS (Bradi Bear style)

Stop Signs Are Red

Stop signs are red

Taylor King's logo is blue

I follow traffic laws

And you should too


Sweets and Streets

Pupcakes and a huge milkbone

Four way stop and someone's on their phone

Marshmallows or table scraps

Pedal to the metal makes a crash

Squeaky toys and a bouncy ball

1-800-CAR-WRECK is who you call

Bacon scented....anything

Taylor King Attorney will answer your ring

Training treats mixed with rawhide

This team of lawyers is on your side by your side


Beep or Bark

Cars go beep

Dogs make a bark

We can both go fast

But you put cars in park

Some dogs yap

or maybe even howl

Cars can vroom

and sometimes smell foul 

Dogs can keep people safe

and make their hearts melt

So be safe in a car

and buckle that seat belt!


                                                                                                       paw print transparentBradi Bear King





Presidents' Day facts

Happy Birthday George Washington...well, kind of! Did you know that Washington's real birthday is February 22? Americans started out honoring Washington on his real birthday, but eventually they moved the official holiday to the third Monday in February.  I think people wanted more three-day weekends...us pups get those ALL the time! Today we really honor all of our past presidents on this day.

I was curious to learn more about the presidents, so Mom helped me do some searching on the "worldwide web." I found all sorts of fun facts! You probably won't get quizzed over them on your next history test...but they sure are interesting!

1. Ulysses S. Grant once got a speeding ticket....ON A HORSE. 

2. Herbert Hoover's sons had TWO pet alligators. If they are allowed to run through the White House, I think I should be trusted to stay home unattended as well... I only chewed up that rug ONCE.

3. Harry S. Truman has a fake middle name! The S didn't stand for anything. I don't know what I'd do without my middle name. I go by Bradi, Bear, Bradi Bear, Bray-Bray, Bradi girl, Baby girl, Bradi Baby... the list really goes on and on. 

4. Warren G. Harding lost the White House's China during a poker game. It's a good thing I have one heck of a poker face; I'd hate to lose my food bowl. 

5. Andrew Jackson's pet bird was taught to curse! Woooweee I know if I let some of those words fly, Taylor King would have my mouth scrubbed out with soap before you could say "On Your Side By Your Side."

If you want to learn more (even though school's out today), check out this video from ABC News OR this really fun article over at the International Business Times! 


                                                                                                                                                                 paw print transparentBradi Bear King


Bradi Bear St. Patrick's Day

The gang's all here for St. Paddy's Day! Cousin Bud Bud and I have our green gear on so that those sneaky leprechauns won't pinch us - and we suggest you do the same! St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on March 17th, began as an Irish holiday to honor Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Today in many countries, it is a day full of parades, shamrocks, and Irish food and drink.

Apparently the food of choice is known to be corned beef and cabbage. No offense, but I'm gonna take a pass on the cabbage. BUT if anyone has some spare beef they wanna pass my way...I won't argue!

According to my research, people don't normally drink a lot of soda pop on this holiday. I'm a water gal myself, but different ales and beer are normally the thirst quenchers many people choose today. Remember, just one drink can impair your senses for driving! Take responsibility and have a designated driver or car service to get you and your leprechaun friends home safely! The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has an app available called SaferRide that helps you find a nearby taxi or call a trusted friend to pick you up. 

Enjoy the parades and festivities in your green attire; Buddy and I here at Taylor King Law will be chasing rainbows for a pot of gold...I hear those are full of peanut butter pup-cakes and bacon-scented chew toys.

Want to know more about St. Patrick's Day? Check out this article from USA Today


                                                                                                                                  paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Bradi Bear recipe for safe driving

How's it goin' everybody? Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Rumor has it that TV screens will add ten pounds, so I try to stay on the trim side. But I believe living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, and it has always been a priority of mine. In honor of National Nutrition Month I've decided to share some of my FAVORITE recipes with you! A little sweet, a little savory, and a little safety!

Peanut Butter Pup-sicles

  • 1/2 cup peanut butter **I like smooth, but you could substitute chunky or low fat if that's your kinda thing
  • 1 cup greek vanilla yogurt **You can get adventurous here with some flavors, but I normally accept whatever Momma has in the fridge at the time

Mix ingredients in a large bowl until combined. Scoop mixture into ice tray (Taylor King bought me a special one for my birthday that is shaped like a doggy bone). Freeze for at least 2 hours. Serve immediately. 


Peanut-butter Pumpkin Pupcakes

  • 1/2 cup canned pure pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (creamy really is better this time)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix pumpkin, peanut butter, and water on medium speed until combined. Reduce to low and slowly add the flour until combined and batter is pourable. Pour batter into a lined mini cupcake pan, each one about 2/3 full. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Let cool before icing with extra peanut butter and bacon treat decor! Refrigerate any extras that aren't eaten (this normally doesn't happen). 


Safe Driving

  • 1:1 ratio of seatbelt to passenger
  • Up-to-date drivers license
  • Adequate fuel 
  • Working lights, steering, engine, and brakes
  • Activated airbags
  • Reduced to no distractions (can vary depending on uncontrollable situations such as weather)
    **no substitutions allowed for bluetooth devices such as texting, tweeting, instagram-ing at stoplights/stop signs, etc.

Make sure to buckle your seatbelt FIRST thing! This is an important step that is often over looked until later or forgotten all together. Even with short trips, it can be the most important thing in this recipe; if left out, this could throw off the entire batch completely. Turn on your car and defrost if necessary. Decide if the current amount of fuel will get you to your destination, or if a trip to the gas station would be a better option. "Running on fumes" is not good for your car and can leave you in a pickle on the side of the road (pickles are not on the ingredients list). Always check your mirrors and physically turn around to look for small children, pets, and other cars when backing up. It's called a blind spot for a reason. Simmer slightly under or at the speed limit throughout the trip. Come to a complete stop at all red lights and stop signs. Always use your turn signal when changing lanes and turning. Short-cutting any of these steps is not advised. The recipe to safe driving requires a little more time and care, but can produce a "sweet" outcome! 


                                                                                                                                                   paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Ok people, time to get personal. I thought I'd let y'all in on the secrets of my everyday life! It's not just a hop and skip in the park everyday; I do real work to help keep the Taylor King Law Firm afloat....although I don't mind a good hop in the park every now and then. I am indispensable, lemme tell you, and I'm providing a sneak peak into my schedule just to prove it! This info is straight from my puppy planner (Mom fills it out for me every week because I'm not too handy with a pen).

6:43 am: Wake Mom to show her how cool my orange bacon-scented ball is; she is always forgetting.

6:57 am: Wake Mom (again) because I forgot I actually have to use the grass outside.

7:15 am: Stretch out across my bed (that I let Mom share) practicing my morning yoga regimen. I do one mean Downward Dog.

7:30 am: Enjoy breakfast in bed as I watch Mom get ready for the day.
*This is around the time mom leaves for either work or class

8:00 am: Inspect house to make sure no surface goes unsniffed.

8:45 am: Mid-morning nap in the window sunlight (gives my coat that golden glow).

10:30 am: Watch passing cars through the window blind panels. Take data on driving skills, accidents, exceeded speed limit, unbuckled seat belts.
*Must be stealthy when on watch so driving habits are not skewed

IMG 4549

*Tips for stealth watching: Only peek nose in between blinds and window (see above picture for demonstration)

12:00 pm: Send data and analysis to Taylor King Law. 

1:00 pm: Practice winks and smiles in mirror to perfect for photoshoots. 

3:00 pm: Go to dog park with Momma. Practice safe road crossings and play nicely with friends.
*Will accept belly/back/head rubs from willing pedestrians, free of charge
*Practice catching of airborne tennis ball, improve and refine "fetch of stick," and maintain other tricks for future Taylor King Law commercial use

5:30 pm: Enjoy second cup of kibble for the day

7:00 pm: Watch DVR-recorded TV show with Momma. Check fan mail, Facebook page updates, direct messages, Instagram likes, and edit blogs until falling asleep on Momma.

 Other notes:

*Allowed to fall asleep at any time through out day without warning/planned event

*Allowed to whine/alert to be taken out at any given time without warning/planned event

*Treats and extra time for chew toys permitted without planned event


See? Told you. Indispensable.

                                                                                                                                                                paw print transparentBradi Bear King


Bradi Bear's safety tips for playing with dogs

Bradi Bear here! You may have read Taylor King's post earlier this week, Understanding Dog Bite/Attack Laws in Arkansas. When a dog bites or injures someone, that can fall under the "personal injury" category. Now, we all know that I wouldn't hurt a fly, but I know that's not always true for all the other pup-pups out there. I wanted to speak up for my fellow dogs and give you a picture of what's going through the dog's mind when a human approaches him. This is valuable insider information that can help keep you safe - straight from my very own pup mind.

Disclosure: Once again, I WOULD NEVER hurt/attack another human; it's just not in my sweet Bradi Bear nature. I'm only trying to share a dog's perspective on this! 

Helpful Tips for Humans

(1) Children are more likely than adults to be bitten. That's because when we see overly excited children RUNNING at us, we may be confused, scared, and go into fight-or-flight mode! I know we are awfully cute, but being approached and abruptly rubbed on by a stranger just doesn't go over that well with some of my pup population.

(2) It's much better to slowly approach any dog, allow the dog to sniff and smell you (our way of checkin' you out, it's not weird if you don't make it that way) and NEVER look us straight in the eye. I've learned through numerous business meetings with clients that eye contact is a good thing in the human to human world, but it makes dogs nervous and feel threatened.

(3) Pups actually feel the MOST comfortable if a human uses the side of his or her body to face us, instead of head-on. You might feel silly, but y'all are a lot bigger than us! You gotta think how we feel when a giant, unknown, tail-less individual reaching towards us!

(4) I'm not providing these warnings for solely unfamiliar dogs; most injuries actually happen to humans us pups already know! If you think about it, it makes sense that the likelihood of being bitten goes up for those who own dogs and are around us at home, rather than someone who runs into a pup randomly! We don't mean to, but sometimes our "play" gets too rough....okay, now I feel like you're judging. Don't act like you've never gotten carried away before! 

Last tip: (5) Don't stereotype any kind of dog breed as "more" or "less" aggressive. Any dog could cause an injury! So don't rule out those little yappy ones (I'm looking at you, Ms. Shitzu); they can have some bite with their bark if they really want to! Always let an adult or owner know if any dog, regardless of their size, is acting strangely! 

For more information on how to prevent and treat dog bites, check out this page from the Center for Disease Control


                                                                                                                                                                           paw print transparent Bradi Bear King

Bradi Bear motorcycle safety month

Hey hey everyone! Boy, do I have a story for y'all! It's dramatic, action-packed, and full of puppy paws and wagging tails... well, it will be easiest if I just start from the beginning.

Momma takes me to the pup park every week. As you can imagine, every pup kinda has his or her own pack to hang with. There is the "small dog" section that you have to weigh under a certain weight to go in (talk about a drop in self-esteem)...normally, hefty corgis are the limit there. There is also the "large dog" section that any and all pups can go into. That's where I hang. I have a group of goldens I like to chase and (let's be honest) lie in the shade with. I don't discriminate though; there are also a few huskies that will go around looking for free belly rubs with me. The dogs that like to fetch - they hang. The dogs that like to do those obstacle courses - they hang. The dogs that like to bark and yap at every squirrel, bird, or pedestrian - they hang. You see where I'm going with this? Good.

Wel...there's one crew that nobody messes with. They are known as the Motorcycle Clique. They're a pretty tough bunch: two Dobermans that go by Axis and Cam, and a chihuahua named Chaps who ONLY goes into the "large dog" section but has never been questioned. And then there is the leader: Waffles. Don't let the name fool you; this brown and black rottweiler looks nothing like a sweet fluffy treat. This clique is a cool, semi-scary pack that we all secretly want to join, but are too scared to admit it. When they ride up in the sidecars of their owners' motorcycles, everyone watches in awe as they hop out and run into the park in a diamond formation. This happens everyday.

But yesterday was different. Waffles summoned me. 

*side note* May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so I've been wearing this nifty little outfit that says "Share the Road." Most people don't know what it means, so it prompts a lot of questions, and then I get to share what Taylor King taught me about bike and motorcycle safety.

Well, Waffles must've known what the slogan meant, because that's why I was called into the pack's presence. I was freaking out to say the least. Sweaty paws and all, I held my head high and I trotted over to the group. Chaps greeted me with a customary hiney sniff. Once I passed the security check, Waffles spoke: "What's with the shirt? Are you a rider?" Gulp. I answered, "As in motorcycles? No...but I do like to keep people safe! It's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and I like for all drivers AND riders to be safe on the roads!" 

You won't believe what happened next. WAFFLES SMILED AT ME! He started telling me how he's worried about his owner because he doesn't wear a helmet...he thinks it would interfere with his vision or hearing. But I told Waffles how that isn't true at all! We talked statistics and came up with a plan for his owner to be safe! He was so grateful for my help and even offered me a free ride in his sidecar anytime I wanted. All in a day's work around here!

Check out this link from the National Highway Safety Administration for all the cool stats we found out about motorcyclists. Let's keep these humans safe on the road, y'all! 


                                                                                                                                            paw print transparent  Bradi Bear King

Guide to swimming safety

Did you know life jackets come in puppy size too? That's right! It is summer time, and I believe a great way to escape that summer heat is a nice dip in the water! Not much beats running full speed, mouth open through a sprinkler...and OH MY GOODNESS don't get me started on the pure joy of splashing paws-first in puddles. BUT it's not all fun and games, people! You know that driving safety is important to me, but I believe you have to be just as safe OFF the road as on it! Arkansas is the Natural State; therefore, by all means I think people should take advantage of the beautiful lakes and rivers that it provides. But not without some "paw"-some safety tips from the one and only...ME. And since I personally remember things better when a rhyme is involved, here ya go... 

TIP 1: Walk, don't run, near a pool - if ya slip and fall you won't look cool

Those slippery surfaces can be tricky! I know the excitement of that first SPLASH in the water might be calling your name, but trust me, it is just as satisfying with a walk to the edge of the pool. I believe I'm pretty agile myself, but I always take precaution around pools; one slip and it could be a hard crash to your noggin! 

TIP 2: No matter how many swim lessons you've had, wear that life jacket - it's the latest fad

I don't have the BEST feeling about large bodies of water...looks too much like a giant bath to me. But even if I did love lakes and rivers, I'd always wear my life jacket when I'm on a boat or in a current of water. Treading water is TIRING, and it's better to be safe then sorry! Life jackets are like a seat belts: you might not need them at their fullest potential for every single ride but they are protection that could potentially safe your life.

TIP 3: Wear that sunscreen, no one wants 3rd degree burns on their team

Don't get me wrong, I don't get this golden glow by staying indoors all day. But Momma always makes sure to I wear my paw protection to keep my paws safe from the hot ground! You humans don't have a furry coat protecting y'all, so you need sunblock, even on those cloudy days, to protect you from the harmful UV rays. Don't forget to reapply according to the label; I know it's shocking, but that stuff washes off in water!

You can find other helpful tips for water safety with the link below (they just won't rhyme like mine). 


                                                                                                                     paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Taylor King Arkansas personal injury lawyer

I know I talk a whole bunch about my momma, but today's post is all about Dads! Father's Day shouldn't be the ONLY day we celebrate these hard workin' guys, but it is a good reminder to give them an extra snuggle or two.

I'm so thankful my dad gets on my level (on all fours) and chases me around the furniture and under tables. Momma never does that! Daddy always sneaks me an extra scoop of kibble when Momma isn't looking. He rubs my belly while we watch sports on Sunday afternoons and is always down for an afternoon nap. Oh, AND Daddy lets me run off-leash and splash in puddles...WITH NO BATH AFTER!!!

In honor of this holiday, I asked the lawyers at Taylor King Law about some of the best advice their own fathers ever gave them...and boy did I get some good responses!

  • Richard Bright: "My dad taught me that the secret to being a good person AND to successfully growing giant watermelons are the same: good seeds and growing conditions combined with lots of hard work and love."

  • Jay Neal: "The thing I remember my dad saying most is, 'You may not understand this now, but you will when you get older.' This was most often in reference to a rule or punishment. Now I see it come full circle when I do something my own little girls don't understand or like - like when they're only allowed to eat ONE popsicle or are sent to timeout when they're mean to one another. When they have kids of their own, I hope they're thankful, like I am, that their father gave them guidance and structure out of love." 

  • Russell Marlin: "Never stop moving. Never stop working. You'll rust out before you wear out." 

  • Brian Trubitt: "From watching my father, I learned that family dinner is sacrosanct, and that the thing we honor most is learning. I remember my father has near-zero musical talent but a great love for it. One year in community theater he got the solo role of "A Noble Lord" in "The Mikado," one of his favorite Gilbert and Sullivan musicals. He had exactly one line: 'Why, who are you that ask this question?' He practiced that one line fifty times a day with the greatest pleasure."

  • Noelle Skaff: "When I was little, I was very shy and easily embarrassed, even around immediate family, My dad was the opposite - loud, boisterous, and never met a stranger. He used to tease me by singing in a loud, high pitched voice: Noelle is my sweetheart, she is my pudding pie. She is my honey bunch and I'll tell you why-oh-why: because she lo-oves me, she really, really lo-oves me. He would sing it over and over. It embarrassed me to no end. Once he passed away, however, I wished I had taken the opportunity to record the song to share with my own children."

  • Taylor King: "The best advice my father ever gave me: 'Taylor, get up every morning and go to work.'" 

  • Austin King had to think a while about his answer: "Well, it's kind of a trick question. I'm lucky because I get to see two sides of Taylor King, one being a lawyer and the other being my dad. He taught me the importance of both work and family; there is a specific time and place for both. Taylor King the attorney taught me about doing all I can to help others. He taught me that it's never too late to answer a client's phone call. Taylor King the dad encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to, career-wise. My dad encouraged me to find what I love and pursue it. He never put pressure on me to be a lawyer; he let me find it on my own."

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, whether biological, adopted, or anywhere in-between!

                                                                                                                                               paw print transparent Bradi Bear King

Hiya everyone! So the other day, I was scrolling through my newsfeed and came across a video of cookies in a car. I have quite a sweet tooth so I clicked on the video to watch. I sat and watched as a pan of cookie dough baked into cookies just from being left in the car for a couple of hours! You've probably seen similiar videos where people fry an egg or even a steak on the sidewalk during the summer. Isn't it scary to think that the inside of your car can get as hot as an oven!

Earlier this month, Taylor King sent out an email blast about child safety with overheated cars; but that applies to us animals too! While I like to think I'm a very advanced pup, I do have a few things in common with babies: it's hard for me to stay cool because of my fur, and I can't tell Momma when I start to get hot, so she has to pay close attention.

There's some great information in our blog Child Safety: Avoiding Heatstroke in Cars as Temperatures Soar. But I wanted to follow up and remind you how important this is. I don't know about you, but putting something to a tune always helps me remember!

'Under the Tree Shade' to the tune of "Under the Boardwalk" by: The Drifters

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar out of your paws

and when you get in your car it's broken heat index laws

Under the tr-ee shade, brings down the temp degree

As you soon as you buckle up, crank the AC

(Under the tree shade) out of the sun

(Under the tree shade) it cools the car down a ton

Under the tree shade, tree shade


'Hot in here: stuck in the car' to the tune of "Hot in herre" by: Nelly

Hot in...so hot in here...So hot in...

I was like, good gracious heat is outrageous 

Dehydration, sweat on all faces

Lookin' outside you can see the steam

I was left in the car without any keys

Temps risin', cars a heatin' 

I'm panting hard and got heavy breathin' 

Check it, the car's locked for no good reason

too hot, heat stroke, it's not a good feelin

It's getting hot in here - so hot 

so roll down the windows.

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can help keep your children and pups safe this summer! Heatstroke is scary and life-threatening, but it's 100% preventable if we all work together! 


                                                                                                                    paw print transparent Bradi Bear King






It has been brought to my attention that we are officially in what's called the "Dog Days" of summer. At first I was excited because I thought this was a national holiday for dogs (y'all KNOW we deserve more than just one day). Nowadays, people seem to think that we call them dog days because even us pups are too hot to do much besides lay around and hope for a pupcake or two. But I am debunking that myth because a) I ALWAYS have enough energy to go for an evening stroll, thank you very much, and b) I, Bradi Bear King, am all about finding some facts. They might make me an investigator at Taylor King Law soon.

So. Dog days. It turns out that we got that term from the Greeks. Go figure. They thought that the hottest days of the year happened when Sirius, the "dog star," looked like it was rising before the sun. They also thought that other crazy things might happen during that time period, like fevers and catastrophes. Hmm. 

Now, if you are wondering, "Bradi Bear, would you please share your wisdom on how we can survive these crazy hot days?" then you are in luck! Not only am I chock-full of interesting historical tidbits, but I also have some helpful tips for keeping your pup cool until fall finally comes around. I know, I'm just such a giving pup. You don't have to thank me...but I wouldn't turn down a belly rub or really nice ear scratch.

Read on for my special dog-centric list of TOP ways to stay cool in these hot, hot days:

1. LOTS and LOTS of water! This goes for dogs and humans alike...we all need to stay hydrated! When it comes to water, your body actually cools off more quickly by drinking water than jumping into or swimming in it, although I do enjoy both activities. 

2. Sunscreen and Paw Guard. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes; they do make sunscreen for dogs (Amazon has everything...haven't we learned that by now?). Paw Guard is another lifesaver, this nifty little balm Momma puts on my paws before walks. It helps protect them against the hot ground! Our pup pads are super sensitive and can easily crack, which is VERY painful. Think about when a blister pops on YOUR feet...ugh. 

3. Take walks when it's coolest - in the morning or after the sun goes down. I try to avoid mid afternoon (around 3 pm is typically the hottest time of the day).

4. COOL COLLARS! Whoever thought of this nifty thing deserves unlimited raw hides and peanut butter! Little ice packs slide into the collar and keep me cool while I'm outside! Sometimes Momma even lets me wear it inside, because the way it's made doesn't let the ice melt out onto the floor or anything. It's a game changer.

5. Pup-sicles! Cooling off with a sweet frozen treat is one of my FAVORITE ways to keep cool in the summer (honestly anytime of year). There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for dog-safe frozen snacks, but some of my favorites include frozen Greek yogurt, fruit, and pumpkin!

If your fur baby has sunken eyes, seems unusually tired, has no appetite, a dry mouth, or is just mopey overall, these are all signs of dehydration in pets! Being aware of what your animal's body is trying to tell you is a very important thing to look out for! Sometimes on those SUPER hot days, it's better for us to just stay in the shade...or, even better, AIR CONDITIONING! 

                                                                                                                                             signatureBradi Bear King

Road Rules - Test your driving knowledge

Lately on my evening drives (in the passenger seat...buckled up, OF COURSE), I've been noticing an awful lot of people breaking some rules of driving. I know, I know...it's been a long while since you took that drivers' exam at the DMV.

And I'm not saying that you aren't a good driver! I'm sure you keep your hands at "10 and 2" and never get road rage. But there are some rules of the road that people may have forgotten since their high school Driver's Education class.

That's why it's POP QUIZ TIME! I know it's still summer, and you're probably thinking, "Bradi, a quiz? SCHOOL IS OUT!" But the good news is that if you fail this little quiz of mine, you have plenty of time to brush up on your driving knowledge before busses full of sweet students hit the road. 

Bradi's Rules of the Road Pop Quiz

I'll start you off easy...let's review some road signs! Now, I'm colorblind but even I could answer these!

Name That Sign: Match the picture to the corresponding names below 

A) Sign Stop      B)Sign Yield     C)Sign School Zone     

D)Sign Hospital       E) Sign Pedestrian Crossing

1. Hospital

2. Stop Sign

3. School Zone

4. Yield

5. Pedestrian Crosswalk


Driving Basics: The most fundamental driving knowledge we should all have 

6. TRUE or FALSE: At a four way stop, when two cars arrive at the same time, the car to the RIGHT gets to proceed first.

7. Traffic drives on the ___________ side of the road. 

A) Left
B) Right
C) Depends on the city
D) Depends on the type of road (i.e. highway, street, interstate)

8. You must stop completely at which of the following? 

A) Stop Signs
B) Flashing red lights
C) Red Lights
D) A & C only
E) All of the above

9. What is the difference between broken yellow lane markings and broken white lane markings? 

A) Yellow lines indicate traffic will be going in opposite directions while white lines indicate same direction of traffic. If safe, you can cross lanes to pass a car. 
B) White lines indicate opposing traffic while yellow lines are same direction. You can pass on both colors. 
C) There is no difference. They just use whichever paint was available. 
D) Depends on the type of road

10. Is there a specific time that states require you to use your headlights?

A) No, it's up to the driver's discretion
B) It depends on the make and model of your car
C) Yes, 30 min prior to sunrise and 30 min after sunset
D) Yes, 45 min prior to sunrise and 30 min after sunset

 Road Rules; test your driving knowledge

Bonus Round: These are the tough ones. 

11. When you pull up to a red light, there are two LEGAL actions you can take. What are they? 

12. It is illegal (at any age) to _______ while driving. 

A) Text
B) Drink
C) Talk on the phone
D) A and B only
E) All of the above

13. Who has the right of way at a crosswalk?

A) Once they are in the walkway, always the pedestrian
B) Always the driver
C) The pedestrian, but only if the signal is flashing "WALK"

This concludes our safe driving quiz! Scroll down to compare your answers.




1. D; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. E; 6. TRUE; 7. B; 8. E; 9. A; 10. C.

11. Stop and turn right unless indicated otherwise.

 12. D. Arkansas has banned texting for all ages. For ages 18-20 texting and the use of handheld cell phones (talking on the phone) is banned. For drivers under the age of 18, all cell phone use- including handsfree/bluetooth, is prohibited.

13. A.


SO... how'd ya do? 

 paw print transparent   - Bradi Bear King

"Why the sad face Bradi?" 

Well thank you for asking...I've had mixed emotions about the month of August. Although it is my birthday month (I turned 2 on August 4th) it also brings on the start of school. Back to school means early rising, long days, homework, crowded roads, busy buses, rushing drivers, oh man my list could go on and on.... But I have some good news! Back to school doesn't have to be all down in the dumps! I'm a pup all about positivity and here at Taylor King Law Firm we believe you can make any situation better with a little hard work and a good attitude. So I've decided to turn my slightly depressing list up there into a guide for the ABSOLUTELY BEST YEAR EVER!

1. Carpool Bonding

-Whether your carpool is with your family only or with a couple families in the neighborhood, make that time worthwhile. Instead of having everyone in the car be in his/her bubble zoned out on electronic devices (except the driver of course), make it a device free zone! Play popcorn DJ, where everyone in the car gets to pick a song that's listened to- or make it a competition and see who is the first person to guess the song being played. It's hard not to be in a good mood when your favorite song is playing, so start your school day off with the right mind set! 

2. New Year New Peeps

-Find your real friends- the ones who will stay on your side by your side through anything! Let's be honest, my life can be "ruff" sometimes and everyone needs a shoulder to lean on now and then! Friends that will be there for the fun late night popcorn sharing nights as well as the "oh no I just flunked my AP Fetch test" kind of moments are the ones who you should seek out at the beginning of the school year

3. Set Semester Goals

-I'm a goal driven kind of pup! I've been taught to value hard work, and I'm not sure if the two correlate but something excites me about the smell of new pencils and unused school supplies! Therefore, I ALWAYS get a new planner for a new school year. It helps me lower the anxiety of what some people call "syllabus shock"- you know that awful feeling in your pup belly when you see ALL you have to do in such little time! But anyways- something I like to do is write down semester goals (you can even a couple every 9 weeks instead). All you do is write 3-4 things you'd like to accomplish in that time period! It can be anything from "make the soccer team" to "make all As and Bs on my math tests" shoot it can even be stuff like "say hi to a new person everyday" (I actually like that one a lot, adding it to my list!) Well you write them down then put them in an envelope that you tape in your planner on the end date of that semester or 9 weeks! When the date finally arrives you get to see what you've accomplished! 

                                                                                                                                                       paw print transparentBradi Bear King

The history and science of speed limits

Bradi Bear here...it's confession time. Lately I've had this NEED FOR SPEED at the park. I just love the way the wind whips in my face when I run, tongue out, chasing other dogs. The other day on the way home from the park, I had to AMAZING realization that I'd feel like I was running even faster if I hung my head out the window of the car. I realized this wasn't going to happen when mom clicked on my seatbelt. I may or may not have whined the entire way home.

Ok...I'm coming clean; I did say this was confession time: I not only whined, but pouted and strained to get near the window until Mom gave in. She agreed to let me stick my head out the window while she drove through the parking lot at a LITERAL snail's pace. Wow Mom...so fun. I was thinking SPEED, WOMAN, SPEED!

When we got home, I decided to do some investigating on this whole "speed limit" thing. Here's what I found...

We can date speed limits all the way back to 1652! The colony now known as New York prohibited wagons, carts, and sleighs to be driven at a gallop. With a rise in gas prices many states started enforcing speed limit laws to bring in money. Costly fines have been a constant theme throughout speed limit history!

In 1974, President Richard Nixon agreed to a national law of state regulated speeds of 55 mph. This caused a HUGE drop in the traffic fatality rate...hmm, maybe there is a connection. In 1995 the power was handed back to states to regulate their own maximum speed. Most states have varying maximum speeds for specific roads, types of cars, and weather conditions.

Arkansas sets its speed limit at 70 for both cars and trucks on rural interstates, 60 on urban interstates, and 65 on other limited access roads.

In 2014, speeding was a contributing factor to 28% of motor vehicle crash deaths. The percentage of deaths was higher on minor roads than on major interstates or highways. You can find out more from the Highway Loss Data Institute's Fatality Facts page. To make a long story short, driving fast is dangerous! Speed limits really are there for a reason and purpose, not to ruin our fun (like I thought Momma was doing). They take into consideration the road condition, car and passenger frequency, and traffic amount to safely get you where you need to go...in a timely manner!

So the next time you're tempted to accelerate past the speed limit because "there aren't any cops in this area," remember that getting a speeding ticket isn't the worst thing that can happen. Causing a wreck and injuring yourself and others is much worse. 

If you've been injured in an accident where someone was driving over the posted speed limit, you may have a legal claim to compensation. The attorneys at Taylor King Law will listen to your story and help you get back on your feet. You can call us today at 1-800-CAR-WRECK (800-227-9732) to begin your FREE consultation. On your side, by your side - and under the speed limit (I may have taken creative license with that one)! 


                                                                                                                            paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Halloween is approaching and you know what that means? COSTUMES AND TREATS! Two of my favorite things...but you know what I'm not a huge fan of? Scary things. Like aggressive "un-leashed" dogs, loud vacuums, and that suspicious looking board momma takes off the door once a week. She calls it an "ironing board" - don't ask me what that means; as far as I can tell, she just lays shirts on it sometimes. Anyways, I thought I might overcome my fear this holiday season by telling you my own scary story. I can't be as frightened if I know the end, right?

Chapter 1: Halloween is Here 

Once upon a time there lived a family named the Kings: Mr. and Mrs. King and their two children, a boy and a girl. The family had a sweet, smart, energetic pup named Bradi Bbbb...Bradi B! Yeah that's it. Just Bradi B. The family all lived together out in the country in Arkansas. It was fall, which was the King family's favorite time of year. Momma King loved decorating their home with pumpkins, acorns, and other fall themed decorations. Mr. King loved being outdoors in the cool fall weather and eating pumpkin flavored treats. And the children looked forward to the special day where they got to dress up as anything they could imagine and collect candy all night long. That's right, Halloween. 

PAUSE: I know this is supposed to be a scary story, but I'm getting there! 

Chapter 2: Bradi B Fights a Monster

The night finally arrived: the King children, dressed as a hippie and Batman, were ready to go. Bradi B got a costume too; she was dressed as a ferocious lion. Since the family had very few neighbors, they hopped in their car to drive to nearby neighborhoods. Bradi B took in how different everything looked in the moonlight compared to the bright light of day. 

"Bradi B! Hurry up pup, all the good candy will be gone soon!" the little girl called.

Bradi B stood frozen at the end of her leash, tail tucked, staring at something big and bulky behind her. Bradi B took a cautious step to the side, wondering how she could have missed it on the way out. Something big, black, and boxy was creeping in the shadows beside the house. Bradi took another side step when the creature lurched forward toward her with a scraping sound. Bradi B darted away, but the monster crashed and threw empty bottles and a milk carton after her. 

"Bradi B, how'd you get your leash wrapped around the recycling bin?" Mr. King asked as he got out the car to clean up the mess.

The Kings were off to town after one last puppy growl from Bradi B in the general direction of the offending bin.

Chapter 3: Teal Pumpkins and Safety Scares 

"Why are all those pumpkins blue? I thought they were supposed to be orange!" the boy asked, face pressed to the window.

"They are actually teal. It's party of a project to let parents know that those houses offer things besides candy to trick-or-treaters" Mrs. King explained.

"Bleh. Let's skip those houses," the little girl said.

"No, it's a good thing! They offer things like small toys and non-food treats for children who have food allergies...WATCH OUT!" Mr. King responded.

Mrs. King brought the car to a screeching halt; a wide-eyed ballerina had just pirouetted into the road in front of the them, followed by several costumed friends. A semi-hysterical looking mother with a fairy wand in hand ran out into the middle of the road and herded them all back to safety. 

PAUSE: Told you it'd get scary. Nothing gives me the heeby-jeebies more than a BIG safety violation! What went wrong? First, NEVER run out in the road. Period. You should cross slowly (at crosswalks if possible), but only after looking both ways, and preferably with an adult. Of course, you always want to visit familiar streets. And my goodness, parents, WATCH YA KIDS! The biggest danger to kids on Halloween isn't taking candy from a stranger - it's walking out in front of one of the MANY cars that are everywhere! Don't try to watch a big group of kids by yourself. Cars are everywhere so bring some back up grown-up help if you are in charge of multiple children and their friends. You need eyes on everyone for safety! But let's not put all the blame on the crazy sugar-rushed kiddos or stressed out parents, all drivers should be mindful on Halloween and extra cautious. 

The Kings parked their car and went over some safety rules to ensure a successful Halloween trick-or-treating experience. 

"Only cross the street at corners, do NOT dart out in-between cars. Y'all are both short and drivers won't be able to see you if they are on the road. We also have to walk on the sidewalk from house to house. Even though we're with you, we still shouldn't cut through yards or streets. And remember, say thank you for your candy!" Mr. King reminded the children.

They knocked on the first door, and a few minutes later everyone walked away thinking it was the beginning of a successful night - well, almost everyone. Bradi B wasn't so delighted. Why you might ask? Nobody else seemed to notice, but that sneaky recycle bin monster had followed them all the way here and was watching them from the side of the house!



                                                                                                               paw print transparent Bradi Bear King


Veterans Day, Military Dogs

You heard it here first: Thank a Vet! Let's not get confused here; I don't mean the doctor who tries to distract me with a treat while he gives me my booster shots (even though Momma says veterinarians are good people too). I am talking about the brave men and women who fight for our country and the people who live in it.

Veterans Day is Friday, November 11, a day set apart for remembrance and celebration for America's veterans' willingness to serve. It was first known as "Armistice Day" and celebrated on the first anniversary of World War 1. It became a national holiday in 1938. In 1954 the holiday changed to "Veterans Day" in order to honor and account for all veterans in all wars.

It amazes me how brave soldiers have to be! I mean, I get anxiety when I hear the dishwasher make weird noises...I can't imagine what it is like to fight day in and day out for our country. The sacrifice tons of men and women have made deserves to be recognized!  

Do you know one veteran that doesn't always get credit where credit is due? Military dogs! Those pups work hard and are trained with incredible skill. They are experts in bomb, weapon and drug detection, as well are tracking and attacking enemies. I read this article, 10 Things You May Not Know About Military Dogs, and was just amazed at how much I didn't know about these amazing pups. These dogs are companions and soldiers in our military and I'm making it my mission to thank my own kind for the work they do for our country! Way to go pups! 


                                                                                                                                  paw print transparentBradi Bear King



Bradi Bear's Thanksgiving Thankful List

Turkey Day is just around the corner! I decided to poll the Taylor King Law Firm's office staff on their Thanksgiving Day festivities and traditions. HERE ARE THE RESULTS:Thanksgiving Food Favorites
Now "Turkey Day" isn't all about turkey, plus Taylor King only gives me ham scraps under the table when Momma isn't looking. It's really a day to stop and think back over the past 11 months on what all we have to be thankful for this holiday season. I'm thankful for the little things Thanksgiving brings like orange and red leaves for me to race through while subtle wind blows to cool me off. I'm thankful for pumpkin-flavored pup treats and the way the house smells of spices all the time. I'm thankful for dog parks, seatbelts, my orange ring, tennis balls, sticks, and running off leash. Goodness, it doesn't stop there; I'm thankful for bigger things too like being a part of the Taylor King family and Law Firm. They support my ever-growing interest in car safety and never-ceasing need for belly rubs. I'm afraid I might miss something, and you know how I love lists, so I've decided to collaborate with Taylor King to make a join "Thankful For" List! Here it is...

  1. Thankful for the ongoing trust our clients continue to place in the Taylor King Law Firm
  2. Proud to be apart of a country that continues to be free and have an abundance of opportunity
  3. Bacon Scented Squeaky Balls (I convinced him this had to make the list)
  4. Blessed to truly look forward to going into the office everyday, enjoying the work I do  
  5. Grateful to work along side my (Taylor's) son, Austin King

That's the short list...I could go on and on but I smell something in the kitchen and need to go investigate! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 

                                                                                                                      paw print transparent Bradi Bear King



Bradi Bear's Christmas Wish List

Not only do people walk around singing carols all the time (I do love a good jingle), but Christmas means more family time, lots of good food, and giving/getting gifts of love, friendship, and maybe even a brand-spanking-new collar! At the Taylor King home everyone is required to make a list for Santa and I've decided to make mine NOW - you know, just in case the mail at the North Pole starts to pile up. I can only imagine the U.S. Post Office there at this time of year. 

Bradi Bear's Christmas List:

1. Year Supply of Denti-Chews - The only treat mom lets me have because they doesn't upset my tummy while simultaneously cleaning my teeth. Everyone wins!

2. Brand New Collar - I wasn't kidding about this earlier. I have had my eye on this cheetah print one with coordinating flower.

3. My Very Own Billboard with Taylor King - This would be the gift that keeps on giving. Who doesn't want to see a cute pup on their way to work, right? 

4. Gingerbread Dog Treats - I scarfed one of those babies down at a friend's house the other day and have been begging Momma to invest in a box of our own

5. iCPooch - It's one of those interactive video chat/treat delivery systems. I could see Momma or Taylor King anytime of the day! Plus it'd be so handy for those conference calls into the office. 

6. Safety for everyone traveling this holiday season - I know this won't come with a bow on it under the tree, but I hear Santa is a pretty special guy. If he can fit down a chimney with that big belly I bet he can work some magic with this request.

7. Bacon Scented Anything. I already have a ball...but beyond that I am not picky. I'm sure the elves have something new up their sleeves! 

Thanks Santa! Fly safe this holiday season, and don't forget to buckle up!


                                                                                                                                        paw print transparentBradi Bear King

I can't believe it has already been a FULL YEAR since I was making resolutions about having a positive attitude towards taking baths (see last year's New Years Post if you don't know what I'm talking about). This was a semi-successful goal, if you were wondering. 

Even though it seems to have gone by with a blink of an eye and wag of a tail, so much has happened in 2016. These are the moments that stand out most in my mind for the past year.

  • With my expert input and guidance, we launched our brand new website at Taylor King Law! The update even gave me my very own blog page! Did you see that little pawprint on the home screen? One click on that baby brings you straight to ALL my posts. Does it get much better than that?!
  • Wait, I can think of something: BEING PART OF THE TAYLOR KING COMMERCIAL SHOOT! I got my hair AND makeup done for the event like a true star.
  • I also have my very own professional headshots. I've been perfecting my autograph if anyone is looking for some last minute presents!
  • Of course, my birthday is a highlight of EVERY year. I love checking the mail and getting a birthday card from Taylor King! I can't believe he remembers every year. Maybe it was the subtle reminders I left for him...and everyone else who works there...on their calendars.
  • OH, and I can't believe I almost forgot this one - I got to meet Power 92's Broadway Joe when he visited our Arkadelphia Office last month! Have you heard him mention Taylor King on the air yet?

And then there was one very hard moment..

  • Losing my doggy-cousin, Buddy. He was a member of the King family but was loved by everyone - including all you clients! Buddy won't ever be replaced or forgotten in our hearts and is missed greatly every day.

Seriously, my list could go on and on because 2016 was a BIG year. But what I may be proud of most is the Taylor King Law Firm continues to work hard for our clients - every single day, every single year. That's what being On Your Side, By Your Side really means! Happy New Year, everyone! 


                                                                                                                                                            paw print transparentBradi Bear King

How's it going everyone? It's Friday! WAHOOO! Many people (and pups) would say Friday is the best day of the week! Whether it's that you've made it through the work week or your human is finally home for two full days to love, cuddle, and give you treats, everyone seems to deem Friday as FAVORITE.

So to keep with the theme, I thought I'd let you in on some of MY favorite things. I believe you probably are all aware of my love/obsession with ANYTHING bacon-scented, but I am trying to branch out. 

1. STICKS! Big sticks, little sticks, sticks that break easily, sticks that take teamwork to break down, sticks that i can drag behind me, sticks that I try to sneak into the house, and especially sticks that are dirty. All are welcome here. There is room in my heart for all of them. 

2. A scrambled egg. Yes, I said it. I LOVE a scrambled egg; it settles my tummy when I don't feel that great. I gobble those things right up and I always hope and pray when momma takes the carton out of the refrigerator that she is going to crack one of those bad boys for me. I whine just a little as a subtle reminder when she forgets.

3. Wearing my new Taylor King Law LONG-SLEEVED t-shirt. It features the best-looking pup and keeps my legs warm on chilly mornings. My fur coat can only do so much.

4. Running with Taylor King in the morning. He made a New Year's Resolution to stay with a workout routine, so I decided to be his workout buddy while I was home for the holidays. Every morning we'd get up and run laps around his house. And when I say "we'd run laps," I mean Taylor King would run laps while I ran SUPER fast sprints back and forth across the yard. I think it really helped keep him motivated.

5. I am one social pup, so I love meeting new clients! I get to show off my perfected "sit and stay" routine and it doesn't hurt that they always want to give me a scratch on the head. I'm still working on a complete "roll-over," though. I just get side tracked when they go in for a belly rub...I mean really? Who could ever turn down a belly rub?

6. Trips to the dog park! There are always new smells to sniff, new water to splash in, new squirrels to bark at, and oh - did I mention how that place is FULL of sticks? See item #1. 

7. Puppicinos from Starbucks. It sounds fancy, but it's essentially a cup full of whip cream, which means it's essentially the greatest thing ever.

8. Participating in photoshoots! Whether it is for a billboard (have you seen our new Little Rock sign on Cantrell Road?) or a holiday, I love being treated like a movie star and posing for the professional camera....or mom.

9. Hiding my toys. This is a real passion of mine. I don't live outside, so I don't get to actually bury things in the dirt like I've seen others do at the park. Instead I like to keep my things safe behind pillows, curtains, in couch cushions or tucked away in corners. I'm pretty stealthy if I do say so myself. I quickly learned that leaving toys in the middle of the room was NOT the best place if I didn't want Mom to move them. 

10. Bacon Scented Stuff. Sorry...I couldn't help myself. 

                                                                                                                                           paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Taylor King Arkansas injury lawyer

When you go to hire an attorney, what are you looking for? Sure, the diplomas and licenses on their wall are pretty important...but this is a person you're going to be spending a lot of time talking to over the weeks or months! How can you know you've picked the right guy or gal?

Well, I think you should look no further than your favorite doggy pal! After all, they don't say "a dog is man's best friend" for nothin'! Us pups have some pretty PAW-some qualities that are all wrapped up in our cute cuddly bodies, and they're the same qualities you should be looking for in a lawyer! 

1. Loyalty - DUH! We are known for protecting and sticking up for own owner! We will always stick by our human's side (on your side by you side....sound familiar?) Your lawyer should also be loyal and always on your team.  

2. Determination - Ever try getting a squeaky toy away from one of us? I can put up quite a fight if you even THINK about taking one of my bacon scented toys. The lawyer you choose should put the same amount of effort and work into your case.

3. Selflessness - Ask any pup around and I bet we'd all say we are more concerned for YOU than for ourselves. Same goes for a good lawyer. An attorney should always be making decisions with the client's best interests in mind.

4. Friendliness - Anytime I encounter someone, old friend or new comer, I greet them with big tail wag and pup sniff. I believe a warm welcome and meaningful communication makes someone feel special. You want an attorney who treats his or her clients not only like human beings, but like family.

5. Problem Solving - We pups get things done! Have you ever seen those videos of dogs trying to get REALLY big sticks through narrow walkways? Well, it might take a couple of attempts, but we work until we solve the problem. An attorney shouldn't give up at the first road block either! You want someone with the knowledge and willpower to work through the toughest circumstances. 

There are other adjectives that go hand and hand with lawyers and pups (intelligent, good-natured, house-broken...) but I didn't think they needed much explanation! 

If you're in need of legal services and aren't sure where to look, why not start with Taylor King? He's got my paw of approval! Plus, he's got 30 years of legal experience up his sleeve! You can call 1-800-CAR-WRECK to get started, or check out the rest of our website...I wouldn't be mad if you read a few more of the blogs from yours truly while you're here! 


                                                                                                                               paw print transparentBradi Bear King

Arkansas injury lawyers, Taylor King

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, ladies and gentlepups! I thought my faithful readers were in need of a love poem and maybe a quick history lesson too! But we'll start with the love poem...

Valentine's Day is full of sweets

Puppy dog kisses and bacon treats

No chocolate for me, only rawhide

And that catchy slogan

On your side by your side 

In my opinion, nothing says love like a good pair of puppy dog eyes. But walk in to just about any store and you are bound to see heart decorations instead. Where did this heart/love idea even come from? Have you ever wondered? WELLLLL, investigator Bradi Bear to the rescue!

Thank goodness for Google - really, I want to know how pups or people found out ANYTHING before it. Turns out the two got associated because of that "racing heart" feeling you get whenever something exciting is about to happen. As heart rate increases, so does blood flow, and that's what you hear pounding in your head whenever you get those "love" feelings. I personally get that way whenever momma breaks out the treat box, but I get excited pretty easily.

So I got to clicking around during my search and got to the more medical information about our hearts. I'm going to be honest, some of it had my head spinning with crazy terminology and diagrams of different valves and pumps. But what I took away (besides that actual organ hearts look nothing like the Valentine craft) is that the heart pumps blood and oxygen to pretty much every other part of our body. It is kind of a big deal.

It got me thinking about my own dog heart...I thought it has to be at least 5x the size of human hearts, because us pups just love so so much. Turns out a dog's hearts pumps on average 4,000 liters of blood and beats 144,000 times a day. 

And while we're on the subject of hearts, let's talk about your lawyer. Sometimes our society gives lawers a bad rap, but in reality, there are plenty who have a BIG heart for their clients. It's so important to choose a lawyer who cares about YOU, not just your case! Taylor King may not have the super-special dog heart like me (it's not his fault that he isn't a pup), but he and the other attorneys at Taylor King Law truly love the work they do and care for the clients they serve. 

Here's hoping your heart is full of love and your home is full of treats today! 


                                                                                                                 paw print transparent Bradi Bear King


Never fear - I have NOT personally been in an accident. But the heading got your attention, didn't it?!

Recently, Taylor King and I were talking business over some pupcakes. He told me that the hardest part about a personal injury case for clients is that they don't always know what the expect! When you've been working as long as Taylor King has, these things become second nature. But when you've been injured in your first ever car wreck, how are you supposed to know what's going on?!

I can confirm that there are so many moving parts behind the scenes. You have case managers, insurance, medical records, and much much more...which makes it hard to know how long it will take to settle your case and get that money in your pocket

It reminds me of how I feel when Momma takes me to the the vet! I've been there for quick checkups, but once I had to get my stomach pumped! (I ate my food...and my food bowl one time. It was a rough morning to say the least.) Long story short: I never know WHAT to expect, and it is not a good feeling.

So today, my mission is to shed some light on what you can expect with a Personal Injury Case - with a little Bradi Bear flare thrown in, of course. Let's talk timelines, y'all!

Step One:
So you've decided you want Taylor King Law Firm to help you? You'll need to put your pawprint (or signature) on a contract and a medical authorization so that we can get copies of your medical records and bills. Taylor King makes this process quick and easy! 

The way we cover the whole state, is that we have investigators all over that can get to you in about an hour. He or she will call you to schedule an appointment to get you signed up.

Step Two:
Next, we take things off your shoulders and start the claim! That means getting a copy of the accident report and calling the insurance company to let them know that we are representing you.

We do this every day, so we will help you figuring out your property damage to your vehicle, and be sure you are taken care of fairly. Once all that is taken care of, we focus on your personal injury claim AND make sure you get all the medical treatment you need.

Step Three:
When you're released from your doctor (or vet), the attonerys at Taylor King put together what we call a settlement brochure.

This is pretty much a copy of everything needed to convince the insurance company how much your case is really worth. It's everything we've gathered so far: accident reports, photographs, medical records, medical bills, and lost wage information!

It is all packaged it up and sent it to the insurance company, then negotiated back and forth like a good game of tug of war until we get you a fair settlement. 

So, WHY can't your lawyer give you an exact day when you'll get your money? Why did your friend's case settle more quickly than yours? Well, back to my story about the vet...

Every pup is different. While I was waiting to get my stomach pumped that day, I was in a waiting room with other pups (and even a cat) who had all sorts of issues...some were sick, some had cuts or infections, and one even needed surgery! Your case is not the same as your friend's, and the length of time it takes to settle depends on your injuries, your insurance company, and a whole bunch of other variables. 

Hope that helped out a little on what all goes on when you file a personal injury claim with Taylor King Law. Now if only Momma would spell out my vet visits like that...

                                                                                                                                   paw print transparent Bradi Bear King