Some parts of the country seem to be always suffering a fierce spell of winter and brutal cold every year. Apart from frozen pipes, power outages, and closed businesses, severe cold weather causes dangerous road conditions and many auto accidents. Every winter, thousands of crashes are reported across the country, and the question is who is liable for such accidents. 
Drive Safely
Drivers often wonder if poor road conditions due to severe weather would make any difference in civil liability due to auto accidents. However, bad weather can never be an excuse for negligence that has led to the accident. It is the legal responsibility of every driver to drive carefully and safely regardless of the weather or road conditions. In fact, drivers are expected to be more alert and exercise more caution while driving on icy or snowy roads. 

There will never be an excuse for poor driving and there never should be. If you cause an accident because of your over speeding, tailgating, or sloppy driving this is your fault. It is not Mother Nature’s! It will never be her fault. If the conditions are harsh then you should be driving even more careful and if you attempt to blame it on Mother Nature then you are admitting that you knew the conditions were not that conducive to driving as you were.

Driving sloppy has no place on any public roads in any part of this world. But if the roads are icy and if the visibility is poor, your music should be played to a lower decibel and you need to focus on what you are doing.

Driving when Actually Driving is the Top Priority

Drivers are also responsible to equip their vehicles with accessories that would make the vehicle more suitable for those driving conditions. For instance, in winter, drivers are expected to fit their vehicles with special tires or install chains on the existing tires. Such equipment provides more traction that will reduce the chances of skidding. Secondly, drivers are also expected to have the skills required for driving safely on snowy or icy roads.

When drivers fail to equip their vehicles for winter, or do not have enough skills to maneuver safely on the icy roads, then they are putting everybody on the road at risk. If your car is not equipped properly for the winter or your winter driving is poor, then you can be held liable if you have caused a road accident. Similarly, if you are not at fault, the other driver cannot claim horrendous weather or poor road conditions as a defense. If you are involved in an accident during severe weather, the steps to follow for claiming personal injury will remain the same.