This is a question that injury attorneys are often asked and unfortunately, many a time it is after the event, where ‘what shouldI have done’ would be more appropriate. However, here are some key tips to keep in mind if you or a loved one ever sustains an injury via an accident. You should try to understand what happened at the accident site or as soon as possible; you should be conducting your own little investigation. It will strengthen your case when your injury attorney makes a claim for damages and compensation.

If you can do it, pull out your cell phone and take as many photos of the accident site, including positions of vehicles and the extent of the damage.
Write down as much as you can recall of the accident, your injuries, and losses. Your losses should include what you have lost in terms of time off from work.

If you are receiving ongoing treatment, record every visit to your healthcare provider and the attention you received.

Consult a personal injury attorney to assess your situation and pursue a claim if you have one.

Maintain a journal for your attorney where you write down how the accident and subsequent injury has impacted your life physically, emotionally, and financially. If it has forced you to miss any events or family functions, include this in your report as well.

If you have discussed your accident with anyone such as the police or insurance adjuster, note that as well. Remember you are not obliged to speak to an insurance adjuster and you are better off declining to do so. Leave these discussions to your attorney.

Never sign anything an adjuster asks you to without your attorney’s OK and understanding.

Locate any witnesses who might help your case. Be patient with them though, and cordial.
An insurance adjuster will probably come forward with an offer for a settlement out of court. Let your attorney negotiate with them in terms of what would be a fair and just settlement.

Having an Open Mind

This is a serious situation. If the accident involved a loved one, despite your care for them, do not always assume they are telling the truth. You should not overlook any errors they may have made and just because they say something happened does not mean that is completely accurate. When trying to ascertain the truth, do not rule anything out. If the other party seems to have more credibility than your family member or friend, there could be something to it.