While making a claim for personal injury in auto accidents it is paramount and crucial to prove who was at fault for the accident and/or who was negligent. Insurance companies will try to find ways of escaping liability, and hence to make your case strong you need proper and suitable proof. Here are important elements that can help you prove who was at fault.

Police Reports

Police many not always arrive at the accident scene, but when they do, the police have to make an official report of the accident. Make sure you ask the police, how you can acquire a copy of the filed police report. If the police have not shown up at the accident scene, you can report the accident at the nearest police station. After you have filed your report, the police will conduct their own investigations and make a report. You can then obtain a copy of this report.

Police reports will usually contain the recollections and opinions of the police officer investigating the accident. The police officer might mention if any traffic laws were broken, and observations about how the vehicles behaved according to available evidence. There will also be a mention whether the officer issued a traffic ticket at the accident scene. A police report is an integral piece of evidence, and insurance companies will only start acting after they have received the police report.

Compiling Your Own Case

You do not have to wait for them though. You can start to compile your own evidence when you are able to depending on how terrible the accident is. If you cannot do this on your own, then you probably need to hire a legal representative to start this legal process that you are now in. If you are laying in a hospital working out options with the medical staff you are not going to be putting together this case all on your own. First off, your ability to make calls and use the Internet will be curtailed.

Your family can certainly help you and they will but they do not have the legal wherewithal that a personal injury attorney does. You want to beat the opposing insurance party to the punch and you will not do this by expecting others to do everything for you. You were the only one, well unless you had a passenger(s) with you, that you know who was at the accident scene. That is hard to beat.

Violation of Traffic Laws

If the other party has violated any of the traffic laws of the state, then proving fault becomes much easier. The laws are usually given in the Rules of the Road booklet, which is available at your local DMV. Your lawyer can also help you research for right code applicable to your accident.

Obvious Cases

There are certain instances when the fault of the other party is obvious. Such instances include:

     Your car was hit from behind
     Your car was hit by a driver making a left turn