When people are injured in car accidents it can be devastating to their lives and to their families. Many people lose their vehicles and are not able to work. Bills pile up and people run the risk of losing their possessions and their good credit history. When a family member is killed in an accident it can cause financial and emotional trauma.

Don’t allow someone else’s negligence to impact your life. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, an uninsured motorist, or an underinsured motorist protect your rights and hire an experienced attorney.

Arkansas State Police reported 63,137 total motor vehicle crashes on our roads in 2008 alone. Over 24,000 people reported some type of injury as a result of those accidents. Not surprising, Little Rock had the highest number of crashes at 6,399, a distant second with 3,671 was Fort Smith. In 2008, Arkansas motorcycle riders were involved in 1,913 crashes resulting in 1,655 non-fatal injuries. The Crash Statistics report can be viewed in its entirety by downloading it here.

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